Barbecue safety is something we all have to watch.

I personally was always after my kids not to hang around the barbecue while things were cooking. You know how kids love to watch the burgers and hotdogs cooking, and you just don't know when you can get a flare up from a propane barbecue.

I personally always thought of a propane barbecue, more like my propane stove in the house. Tended to treat it the same way, but I learned the hard way that I should have taken my own advice that I gave the kids when it comes to barbecue safety.

I wanted to grill burgers one night, and got the barbecue heated up before anyone got home. It started to drizzle a bit outside, so I wheeled the grill closer to the house. Threw the burgers on the grill, and then went in the house to get a salad ready and the buns, like I had done a hundred times before. Figured it would just take me a couple of minutes to organize stuff, then I would come back out and flip them. I had done this lots of times before.


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Have an Area Just for Your Barby

I forgot that the last time it had been used was on the weekend when we had a party, and we were grilling fattier meats. I thought the grill looked pretty clean, but I guess there had been a fair bit of grease on the bricks below.

By the time I got back outside, the barbecue was spewing smoke out the sides and a flame was licking up the back of the barbecue, and against the wall of the house a good few feet away.

Have you ever seen vinyl siding melt? Well mine did! I turned it off right away, I was too scared to open it or move it away, so I just let it die down. When hubby got home and was about to ask what was for dinner, he saw the wall and the burnt hockey pucks that were suppose to be burgers!

So, I was lucky it was not worse than that. I should have watched it closer, and slowly burned off the fat or grease that was left behind. Basically I should never have left its side! These are not as predictable as your stove in the house, and I was lucky the tank did not go.

Needless to say, I lost my status as barbecue mom!

But safety is really important around any flame, but especially with a propane barbecue, you have to make sure you have lots of room around the barbecue, and that goes for the garage too.

A friend of mine barbecues all year round, and would grill in the garage near the opening and just open the big door. But one day, it was not open enough, and his garage is pretty sealed, his carbon monoxide detector went off. So, you need to treat your barbecue with respect. Don't leave its side, and either get all the meal ready ahead of time and then stay with the barbecue or have someone else there. It just takes a split second to get out of control, and you need to be there. Barbecue safety should be on everyone's mind this season.

That is why my hubby likes to barbecue, because then he doesn't have to make the salad, get things ready or set the table, he needs to watch the grill!