Some of the best Barbie doll clothes are cheap and handmade.

Barbie clothes for dolls

Since 1959, the Barbie doll has been a staple in the toy chests of little girls, and even boys. Some kids can spend hours inventing stories for their Barbie dolls to act out. But for many, the fashion is what draws them to Barbie and her family and friends. If you are looking for fashionable and a variety of Barbie clothes for dolls for your child’s Christmas, birthday, or other holiday gift, you do have options beyond the local toy store. With a variety of Barbie outfits, your child can be inspired and put together outfits they create complete with accessories. No matter the type of Barbie outfits for dolls you are looking for, from designer to vintage to handmade, you can find them at any of the stores below.

AmazonBest cheap Barbie clothesCredit: Amazon

You can find recent releases of Barbie outfits and some out of stock fashions from Amazon and Amazon stores. The hidden treasures on Amazon are the handmade Barbie doll clothes made by Olivia’s Doll Closet. Here you’ll find a selection of hundreds of custom handmade dresses and outfits made just for Barbie. The dresses fit well, are easy for small hands to work on and off the dolls, and the designs are unique and pretty. Olivia’s Doll Closet also sells shoes and other accessories to complete an outfit. 


As expected, you can find every type of Barbie clothes for dolls on eBay, from used to new to handmade, and many for cheap. The handmade selections on eBay give you a good deal. You can find several dresses and matching shoes for under $20. This is the place to shop if you want to give your child your favorite vintage Barbie clothes you remember from your childhood. However, shopping the Barbie vintage clothing section of eBay may be a bit pricier since most are considered collectable Barbie items.


You can go right to the source for Barbie clothes for dolls; Mattel’s and sells all the most recent releases of the companies Barbie fashion’s line. Online you can buy a set of three outfits with matching accessories for about $10 to $15. sells the collector series of dolls wearing the high-end fashions. Most of these are probably not what you want your child playing with. The designer fashion Barbie dolls, such as those by Bob Mackie, can run from $50 to $200. However if you want the character outfits from movies and television, you can find those outfits and dolls on the collector site for more reasonable prices.

Toy Store

The local toy store that sells Barbies will also carry the doll clothes. However, toys stores tend to have a limited selection. But if you need that Barbie clothes for dolls gift now, this is the place to go.