How to value your collection.

These best Barbie collector price guide books to buy are up to date and extensive. The difficulty in pricing Barbie dolls is that there are so many, it's hard to find a single source to value a particular one. And pricing can change over time. You also want a book written or edited by a real collector to make sure the pictures are properly identified and to give insights a non-collector would not have. These Barbie value books are highly rated by collectors, and although some are a few years old, the values are still fairly accurate. For most dolls, the price or value has not gone up or down drastically in recent years, and values are not going to change by much in the next few years either. Unfortunetly the economy has made this collector's market a bit stagnant.

If you are a serious collector and buyer of Barbie dolls, then these are the must have value guides you need in your library.

Barbie Doll Photo Album 1959 to 2009 Book Review

It is 450 pages of Barbie's life. The book is laid out in an easy to reference order of release of the doll.

Barbie Doll Photo Album 1959 to 2009
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(price as of May 25, 2015)
Although the photos are the highlight of this book, it also includes values current as of 2009, identifying information, and fun facts. The book gives large, sometimes whole page, photos of many the Barbie dolls in order from the first 1959 doll to the 2009 holiday doll.

Barbie the First 30 Years 1959 to 1989 Book Review

It is written by experienced Barbie collectors. Photos are large and in color.

Barbie- The First 30 Years: 1959 Through 1989 & Beyond- Identification & Value Guide, 3rd Edition
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(price as of May 25, 2015)
As the title suggests this covers from the first Barbie to 1989, however the latest edition was published in 2008, so it is more updated than the 1989 title suggests. It includes information and pricing on over 1,000 dolls, more than 1,000 sets of outfits sold from 1959 to 1972, and many accessories such as the dream houses.

Use eBay as a Barbie Collector Price Guide

eBay is a great resource when it comes to valuing Barbie dolls, both new in the box collector dolls and those that have been well-loved and played with. Many may criticize that eBay is not the real value and you can get higher prices for good quality dolls when trading privately or at conventions. But in truth, eBay is often used to sell all types of Barbies, even the first Barbie can be found for sale on eBay at times. And it does give a real world value if you look at the auction sale prices and not the "buy it now" prices. Because in the end, your Barbie doll is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

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