Your Barbie doll price may surprise you.

Of course as any Barbie doll collector can expect, dolls that are in perfect condition inside the original box in perfect condition will get a higher price. However, don’t be too quick to dismiss your well-loved Barbie that was played with by 5-year-old you. The right doll can still be worth money. In some cases, parts of dolls still have value for those that repair Barbie dolls.  


What Increases the Barbie Doll Price?

Age – The older the doll, the higher the value. Vintage before 1970 tend to sell for higher prices.Barbie doll valuesCredit: Flickr: luisvilla

Rarity – The more rare the doll, the higher the value. Rarity can happen over time as older dolls get played with and ruined, or because the doll was released in limited numbers.  

Controversy and Mistakes – If it caused controversy or had a mistake in the collection or packaging, and was recalled from store shelves, it will have increased in value, even if it’s a more modern doll.

High Original Selling Price – The higher priced collector’s dolls do tend to retain their value.

New in Box (NIB) – A Barbie doll still in its original box and never removed from that box (NRFB – Never Removed From Box) can be worth double or more than the same Barbie that’s been taken out of the box and put on display.

Complete Set – If a glove or earring is missing that was originally sold with your Barbie, expect the value to go down.

Popularity – Some individual Barbie dolls develop a following just because a lot of collectors like that particular doll. There’s usually no predicting which dolls will develop such a fan base, but when they do, their price goes up as soon as they are sold out.

Barbie Doll Prices Listed Below

These Barbie doll values are the actual sold prices from eBay auctions (not ‘Buy it Now’ prices) in 2012. eBay prices can be lower than auction house prices or private sales because you are taking a chance on the honesty of the seller in judging condition. However, this should give you a good estimate of your doll’s price. Ranges are given when multiple sales of similar condition items were recorded.

The Original #1 1959 First Barbie Doll First Barbie DollCredit: AmazonValue

The first Barbie Doll came out in 1959 and was only sold for a few months, making her the most valued Barbie. She has white irises, arched eyebrows, and holes in her feet – a feature that’s key to identifying whether or not you have an original Barbie or a reproduction 1959 first Barbie doll. Mint condition originals can sell for thousands. But used and played with first Barbie dolls can still fetch a nice price.

In 2012, an original 1959 #1 first Barbie doll out of the box and used sold for $2025 on eBay.

The 1959 #2 Barbie with brunette ponytail, wedding dress, evening splendor fashion #961, and original box labeled in excellent condition sold for $4,550.

Vintage Barbie Doll Values

1960 #3 Barbie with blonde ponytail - $325

1960s Bubble Cut – with box, stand and booklet, good condition - $100

1962 Bubble cut – no box, light brown hair, original red swim suit, used good condition - $72

1962 Bubble Cut #850 – in pink lace gown, excellent used condition, comes with original box - $103

1964 Bendable Leg Skipper – used good condition with box - $103

1965 American Girl Barbie - with strawberry blonde hair, original swimsuit and Japan tags, used out of box, marked 1958 - $90

1966 #2 Twist ’N Turn Barbie – with sun-kissed hair, good condition, no box - $90, same Barbie with brown hair - $71

1966 – Color Magic Barbie Doll – midnight hair that changes to red hair, good condition with box - $600

1966 #5 Francie – no box, good condition with pink striped shorts outfit - $97

Francie with Platinum Blonde Hair – with original outfit and shoes, out of box excellent condition - $150

1966 African American  Doll – used out of box, with cut hair - $15

1960s Mod Barbie Twist ‘N Turn – body only, no head, no box, used - $43

#4 Barbie with Blonde Ponytail – no box, excellent condition - $89

Swirl Barbie – NIB- $215

New ‘N Groovy Talking P.J. Barbie – still in box - $172


Modern Barbie Doll Values

Happy Holidays Barbie Doll Values – Sold from 1988 to 1998

Except for the original first release 1988 Happy Holidays Barbie Doll, this series is not one that has retained its value. Most sell for half to one-third of the original selling price if they are still new in the box. Since these have gone on the market, they have never risen in value. Too many people collect these and too many are made each year to make them collectable. Maybe in 50 years after everyone has given up and given them to their kids to play with, the Happy Holidays and Holiday Celebration doll prices will go up.

1988 Happy Holidays 1988 Frist Happy Holidays BarbieCredit: Flickr: Freddycat1– red glitter dress, excellent condition, no box - $36 to $46

1988 Happy Holidays Barbie –NIB - $91 to $170

1989 Happy Holidays Barbie – white dress, NIB - $18 to $36

1990 Happy Holidays – pink dress, NIB - $15

1991 Happy Holidays – green velvet dress, NIB - $13 to $19

1993 Happy Holidays – red dress with gold bodice, NIB - $14

1994 Happy Holidays – gold dress lined with white fur, NIB $10

1995 Happy Holidays  – green dress with while holly leaves print, NIB - $6

1996 Happy Holidays – gold dress with burgundy overcoat, still in box - $10 to $15

1997 Happy Holidays – red and white dress with gold accents, still in box - $11

1998 Happy Holidays Barbie – black dress with pink shawl, NIB - $10

Holiday Barbie Dolls 1998-2012     

1999 Millennium Princess  – blue velvet gown with silver lace - $15

2000 Holiday Celebration – gold dress, NIB - $6

2001 Holiday Celebration  – white dress with crown, new in box - $15

2002 Holiday Celebration  – red dress – $26

2003 Holiday Visions  – winter fantasy dress, NIB - $15 to $27

2005 Bob Mackie Holiday  – burgundy and silver dress with burgundy sash, new in box - $17

2006 Holiday Barbie by Bob Mackie– black gown with gems and lined with white fur, new in box - $16

2009 Holiday Barbie 50th Anniversary – NIB - $41

2011 Holiday – green and gold dress, NIB - $21

2012 Holiday – red dress with silver embroidery, NIB - $36


Other Holiday Barbies

1995 Holiday Jewel  – porcelain doll in red and green jeweled dress, new in box - $24

1997 Holiday Ball  – NIB - $75

1997 Hallmark Homecoming 1920s Holiday Voyage Barbie – NIB - $20


Adult Collector’s Limited Edition Dolls

1996 Pink Splendor  – NIB - $169

1996 Harley-Davidson #1 Barbie – NIB - $28

1998 Summer in San Francisco Fao Schwarz – NIB - $32

2001 Ravishing in Rouge Fao Schwartz Silkstone Fashion Model Barbie – NIB - $91

2001 Silkstone Dusk to Dawn  – complete set in box - $93

2003 Marie Antoinette – in blue gown with gold tassels, new in box - $790 and $1000

2006 Dahlia Silkstone – new in box-$800

2010 Silkstone Holiday Thanksgiving Feast Gold Label Barbie Doll – new in box - $140

2007 Reem Acra Bride  – never opened in box - $273

2008 Kimora Lee Simmons – excellent condition, no box - $72

2011 Tokidoki Barbie Doll - with pink hair and tattoos, NIB - $300

2011 Goddess of the Galaxy  – NIB - $152


Collectors Convention Limited Edition Dolls

These are available only at toy and doll conventions and are limited in numbers. Only attendees get first access to these.

1994 Evergreen Princess Barbie from the Walt Disney World Teddy Bear and Doll Convention – new in box - $22.50

2009 50th Anniversary Tribute Convention Doll – NIB, signed - $133

2010 Rocker Barbie with Tattoo – NIB and signed by artists - $228

2012 Italian Convention Hope Diamond Barbie Doll – new in box platinum - $400

2012 Eternal Passport to Pink Convention Barbie – new in box - $255


Other Modern Barbie Doll Values

1981 Pink and Pretty Barbie –new in box - $66Pink and Pretty Barbie ValueCredit: Flickr: Freddycat1

1987 Star Dream Barbie #4550 – new in box - $10

1991 English Barbie - $26

1992 My Size Barbie Ballerina – good used condition, missing shoes - $60

1995 African-American Pregnant Midge – with removable belly and baby, used good condition, no box - $31

1995 My Fair Lady Eliza Doolittle – NIB - $20

1998 Dorothy & Toto Barbie Doll from The Wizard of Oz – talking doll with light up slippers, used good condition, no box - $10

1998 The Phantom of the Opera Barbie and Ken FAO Schwartz Barbie Collectibles – new in box – $204

2002 Midge and Baby Happy Family Set – new in box – $37 to $76

2004 45th Anniversary by Bob Mackie Barbie Doll – new in box - $33

2007 Spain Barbie Doll of the World – New in box - $42

2008 Marilyn Monroe Blonde Ambition 50th Anniversary Pink Label – new in box - $66

2008 I Love Lucy Job Switching – new in box - $11

2008 Haut Monde Barbie Fan Club Exclusive – new in box - $169

2008 Alfred Hitchock’s The Birds Barbie – new in box - $89


Barbie Clothes and Accessories Values

Mod Barbie Outfit #1818 Velvet-Teens Sears Exclusive – red color, used complete set - $73

Holiday Dance So Beautiful #1639 – used mint condition, complete set - $150

Fish and Fishing Pole from #967 Picnic Set Outfit – good condition - $68

Evening Splendor #0961 Gold Evening Dress and Coat - with purse, pearl necklace, earrings, gloves, and shoes – used good condition - $77

1959 Roman Holiday Outfit – complete set, out of box, excellent condition - $58

1965 #1639 Holiday Dress – gold and cream striped dress, excellent condition, out of box, only missing the orange sash - $59. Complete set with sash, same condition - $150

1965 Gold N Glamour #1647 Outfit- with gold and turquoise dress, gold jacket, hat, jewelry, gloves, purse, and shoes, out of box excellent condition - $311

1966-1967 #1650 Art Show Silk Dress – flower patterned, excellent condition, no box - $50


Tips for Selling Your Collection

Take and post several photos. Take clear photos of the entire doll and close ups of the face, body, and markings. Also take clear close ups of any clothing the doll will come with and the box. List each item in detail that will come with the doll. Research your Barbie doll before posting so that you have accurate and complete information. You want to post the year the doll came out, its name, and release number. Listing the hair color and style is also important, as the more rare releases do have more value.

When deciding whether to sell you Barbie collection as a set or individually on eBay, consider the price you can get for each. More valuable Barbies over $100 will probably earn you more money if you sell them individually. Barbie dolls that have little value individually, such as the Happy Holidays Barbies, will be easier to sell as a set.

Lastly, don’t be too quick to throw out pieces of vintage Barbie sets or broken dolls. If they are vintage, you could still sell them on eBay for some quick cash. Broken  dolls are bought as parts to repair other dolls in better condition. And some collectors will be looking for that lost and impossible to find tiny plastic pearl earring, hat, or fishing pole to complete a set.