The First Barbie Doll

Many people who collect Barbie dolls inevitably ask the question, what is my Barbie dolls' value? Though the value of a Barbie doll is never truly an exact science, you can come close by adhering to a few best practices for determining your doll's value. Consider the original Barbie doll created in 1959, it sold for $3.00 (USD) then. Today, the Original Barbie doll is worth more than $3,000 (USD) dollars.

1. Keep your Barbie in Its Original Packaging to Maintain Your Barbie Dolls Value

NEVER take your Barbie out of its original box. It is a fact that a Barbie who hasn't been removed from the box, in its original packaging along with its complete accessories is worth much more than a doll which has been removed from the packaging and has signs of a little wear from being played with. This is not to say that an old Barbie in which you played with for a time as a child, but well-kept and preserved today is worthless, but you'll have a much better chance at getting top dollar if you keep your doll in its original box, unopened and stored securely in a curio or in a sealed plastic case.

2. Know your Barbie's Collector Edition

Note the type of Barbie Collector's edition your Barbie is a part of. Whether you are a serious collector or a new collector, consider the different editions below and their production numbers. Simple economics apply hear to determine your Barbie dolls value. If your Barbie belongs to an edition which produced a limited number of dolls, you will be able to get more money for it. Conversely if your Barbie belongs to the pink label edition where there was no production limit and released to a general audience at a toy store, your doll will be worth much less to a collector.

Platinum Label Barbies (Produced 999 or less)

Gold Label Barbies (Produced 25,000 or less)

Silver Label Barbies (Produced 50,000 or less)

Pink Label Barbies (Made for general supply- no production restrictions)

Black Label Barbies (Production numbers between silver and pink label)

Collector Edition Barbies (Produced more than 35,000)

Limited Edition Barbies (Produced less than 35,000)

Special Edition: Barbies are sold for a limited time and in limited quantity and are randomly made for different series each year

Timeless Treasures: Barbies are typically dolls that reference a past icon: Marylyn Monroe, Lucile Ball, etc.

3. Hit the Barbie's Collectors Market to Determine your Barbie Dolls Value

There are a variety of Barbie doll collector markets where you are able to meet serious collectors. Each year Barbie doll collector conventions take place to get serious collectors, amateur collections and general buyers together to buy and sell their Barbie collections. If you are able to network with a knowledgeable collector, get her professional opinion of your Barbie dolls value. Note the characteristics she uses to determine value, it's not always ONLY condition, edition, market value, etc. Sometimes there are regional variances to value as well.

4. Consult the Ultimate Barbie Doll Book

The Ultimate Barbie Doll Book is an exhaustive reference guide to help you find your Barbie dolls value. It's highly regarded in the industry as the premier source to determine a Barbie dolls value and contains a detailed report of Barbie value for more than 1,000 Barbie dolls produced by Mattel from 1959 to 1995.

5. Barbie Dolls Worth on Ebay: Don't Get Caught Up on Auction Sites

Don't get hung up on what your Barbie dolls value is worth by going to auction sites like Ebay. Those sites factor in the purchase of a Barbie sight unseen. And while you may get a buyer who is willing to pay top dollar for a barbie he or she really wants, the majority of the time you will get buyers looking for deep discounts.


The Ultimate Barbie Doll Book
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Another excellent resource to figure out how much your doll is worth is the "Ultimate Barbie Doll Book". This book takes you from 1955 to 1995 and helps you to determine the market value of your doll.