Do you have a little girl in your home with a birthday coming up that adores Barbie and her friends? A Barbie theme party is the way to make her smile and remember the day for months to come. And creating a theme party around this American icon is not that hard to do! All you need are the right Barbie party supplies that will bring your space to life. Below, you'll find a checklist of the essentials, along with some Barbie party ideas to help you make the day just perfect for your own little doll.

A Barbie Theme Party: Getting All Dolled Up

Amscan Barbie All Dolld Up Folded Invitations, 8-CountShe's an American icon, that Barbie. For over 50 years she's engaged young girls with her beautiful clothes, her adventures with Ken and her friends, her make up and hair, and much more. She's been around for so many generations that Barbie is something that a mother and daughter can share, and because of all of this, she makes for an exceptional theme party.

If your young girl is about to celebrate a birthday, or even if you're just in the mood to throw a special event party for the kids, a Barbie theme party is a choice kids and their moms can both appreciate. Barbie has changed over the years, but she's still fashionable, fun, and adventurous through and through. The girls will love the playful aspects of the party and the moms can appreciate the tradition from generation to generation that Barbie has become! It's a party choice that has mass appeal.

Barbie Party Supplies: Your Essentials Checklist

Now how do you go about delivering that perfect Barbie party? It's all about the decorations and supplies. You need to invest in dolling up your space to look the part, and there are lots of great Barbie party supplies that will help you do just that. Here you'll see some of the essentials - the Barbie supplies that are musts for your big day. They will help guarantee your space looks great and your kids are happy!

Barbie party invitations

Get your daughter's friends excited about the big party by getting the Barbie theme front and center weeks in advance. The right party invitations help get the kids talking and really build up the energy pre-party.

Barbie tableware and centerpieces

No Barbie party should be without perfect Barbie paper plates, cups, and table covers. Your table is the gathering spot for the young girls on the day of the party, especially during cake time, so make sure it's all dolled up, too! Adding a Barbie centerpiece to go along with the tableware helps with that.

Barbie All Doll'd Up Hanging Swirl Value Pack (Pink) Party AccessoryA Barbie cake or cake toppers

If you're a creative in the kitchen, you can try your hand at making your own Barbie cake. Or there are many Barbie cake toppers out there that can be used on any cake you purchase.

Barbie hanging swirls

These add a lot of fun and depth to your space! They are perfect in front of windows and hanging from door frames.

Barbie Deco Peel & Stick Wall Decals

Barbie wall stickers

Get your walls into the party mood too. Seriously, walls are often forgotten in terms of decorating, but they are key to delivering the perfect theme party! Wall stickers are a great solution as they come in amazing Barbie designs and are super simple to apply. Plus, they leave no marks when you take them off, so go for it!

Barbie balloons

Balloons are perfect to decorate with outdoors so that your guests experience the theme even before they enter the house! Sprinkle some more into hard to decorate corners in your indoor space to add to even more Barbie fun all around.

Barbie make-up artist kit and hair accessories

Your supplies need to go past just the decorations, and adding a make-over aspect to the Barbie theme is a great choice. The kids can have fun decorating themselves, and the moms can even teach them a thing or two about using the make-up.

Barbie Make-Up Artist
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Barbie All Dolled Up Favor Pack, 11.5 x 9 Inches, Mega Value, 42-PieceBarbie treat bags

Make sure you have something for every child attending! Party favors are a big aspect of any theme party, and putting them in a Barbie themed treat bag is a fun move. It's your choice whether to hand out these bags when they walk through the door or as take home gifts. It can be fun to load up the bag with items they can wear during the party.

Barbie party favors (glitter sunglasses and more)

There are so many party favor options that you can place into you Barbie treat bags, from Barbie stickers to plastic Barbie jewelry. A fun choice is a pair of Barbie glitter sunglasses that make the kids feel fashionable and cool!

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When you've hit the mark with these Barbie party essentials, think about what else you can do to accent your space in fun ways! Because Barbie's so popular, the decorating and supply options  are many, so open up your imagination to everything that you can do to make the party special. You'll be happy you did when your child's face lights up on her big day.