With the wide variety of mobile devices to choose from today, there are thousands of corresponding apps that device owners may decide to either purchase or download for free. One of the most popular of these apps is the barcode scanner.

These scanners can provide numerous benefits and conveniences to the user. At one time only used by businesses, the barcode scanners that are available today for mobile devices allow consumers to quickly and easily compare prices and look up product information.


Why Android's Barcode Scanner Fits the Bill

There are numerous barcode scanners that are available for Android, however, the Barcode Scanner app is a great place to start – especially for those mobile device owners who may not have a great deal of experience with these types of apps.

This particular scanner includes the following features:

  • Price comparison for products including those on books, shipping labels, and other products
  • Automatic adding of contacts to the user’s phone
  • Scanning of QR codes to download other Android apps

Other Features

The Barcode Scanner also has some nice sharing options in that it allows the user to send information that has been scanned to someone else via a text message. In lieu of that, the information can also be shared on a number of different networks that have been downloaded on the user’s mobile device. This can include Google, email, and / or Bluetooth.

One of the app’s more recent updates allows the Barcode Scanner to bulk scan. This in essence allows the user to scan a number of barcodes that the utility can then automatically save to a history for future reference by the mobile device user.

Some Limitations

Like with most other products, Barcode Scanner may not be perfect for everyone or for every task. In certain tests, the app did not perform well in verifying ISBN numbers on books, nor was it able to accurately locate a particular product roughly 20 percent of the time.

The history feature on Barcode Scanner also had some notable flaws in that it only appears to display the numbers that are found in a UPC or ISBN, making it very difficult for the user to recall exactly what it was that they were searching for. 

The Barcode Scanner's Bottom Line

Even with its slight imperfections, though, the Barcode Scanner performs great when it comes to simple price comparisons at a retailer or grocery store. In addition, the app’s QR code scanning can allow the user to have instant access for surfing the internet and downloading Android apps.

Although the Barcode Scanner may not be quite as precise as some of the other shopping apps that are available on the market today that can follow up the scan with a complete database search on where to locate the item, this app is worth its weight as a simple, multipurpose scanning application. In addition, you can’t beat Barcode Scanner’s price tag of Free.