Bargain New Balance walking shoes aren’t impossible to find by any means.  You can find great bargains on this outstanding footwear with little effort.  This brand is one of the best values in the industry for good arch support, durability, heel cushioning, and price.  You’ll find really good options as you shop for bargains.  In this article, I’d like to go over some of the best styles they have for sale right now, as well as some ways you can save money on them as you are shopping for new NB footwear.

Bargain New Balance Walking Shoes

You can find great value with this company.  They produce quality footwear at an affordable price.  You will find may different options on Amazon, online, and through traditional footwear and apparel sellers.  Check for these popular styles when you are shopping.  Check out some of these models to see if they will work for you.


New Balance Men's MW410 Health Walking Shoe,White,7 D US
Amazon Price: $57.95 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 4, 2016)
New Balance Women's WW855 truebalance Walking Shoe, Grey, 8 B US
Amazon Price: $89.95 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 4, 2016)

MW927:  Black and made in wide widths, these health walking shoes are right around 125 dollars, but it will vary.  You can find them for sale in a number of different places, so look for the best bargain prices.

WW927:  In white and made for women, these are also available in wide widths.  Pricing is about the same as the men’s so you know what to expect as you are shopping.  Be sure to check out several stores though, in order to find out who has the best deals.

MW967:  Made for trail walking, this NB footwear option is generally only available in brown, with a rugged look.  They are priced at about 115 dollars, but should work great for anyone that likes to hike.

MW812:  Available in lace up or Velcro, you will find a good bargain on them.  Priced at around 80 dollars, you can get quality for a low price.  You can get them in black or white.  Shop around and see how well you can do on the price before you make your purchase.

WW860:  Women will like the styling and comfort of these lightweight, breathable walking shoes for under 100 dollars, at most retailers.  It’s a really goo d option to keep in mind as you shop around for deals and great prices.

Other Options for Walking Shoes

If you have other needs, like running, there are plenty of good New Balance shoes that will serve well as a multipurpose option.  Listed below are some of the alternatives you have to consider.

Cross-Trainers:  Cross training shoes make are actually made for dual purpose, so it’s a good option to keep in mind.  You can find these at great prices, so it’s a good option for anyone that want to do some walking, running, or even light hiking.

Slip-Resistant:  Many professions, like fast food or nursing, require a slip-resistant shoe to be worn for work.  You’ll find lots of different New Balance slip resistant shoes for walking at work, even if you are on your feet all day and have aching arches and heels.

Nursing Shoes:  New Balance athletic nursing shoes are a great option.  You can get them in black if your employer requires it, or in other colors.  You can get many different slip-resistant nursing boots and footwear from this company.  Most pairs are priced under 60 dollars, so it’s a good value.

Running Footwear:  You’ll find great New Balance running shoes in all kinds of styles and colors.  Some of the most popular for women are priced pretty cheap, generally under 80 dollars.  If you shop for clearance and discontinued footwear, you will find they are sometimes available for as little as $50.  Pricing on men’s footwear is very similar, ranging from as little as $40 to over 100 dollars, depending on what you are looking for.

Discontinued New Balance Shoes

Shopping for clearance or discontinued shoes is a great way to save a ton of money and find some great bargains.  Many of the most popular styles are discontinued to make way for the new ones.  As a result, you can save tons of money on them, sometimes over 50% off if you find a really good sale or bargain bin.

Nontraditional Sellers of New Balance Shoes

Amazon:  You can find great deals on Amazon as you shop for great bargains and values on footwear.  You can find many under 50 dollars.  They have tons of different styles; possibly the best selection you will find online.

eBay:  You’ll find the same styles you find in the stores, often priced for less.  With online shopping like this, you won’t need to go to the store to shop.  You can find just about any style or model that you want, so you won’t run out of options.

Used:  Used walking shoes are something to keep in mind as you shop for good deals.   Many people list them for sale on sites like eBay, even if they have only been worn once.  This is a great way to save up to 70% off the normal price, without having to look through sales fliers and running around to find the best prices.

Nike Versus New Balance Walking Shoes

I worked in a shoe store for many years.  New Balance, in my opinion, was one of the top bargains.  By contrast, Nike was near the bottom.  Nike shoes did not last nearly as long and were priced substantially higher.  For the sake of our customers, we generally recommended New Balance over Nike walking shoes, despite the lower price.  We all agreed they generally represented a much better value than Nike, so it just made sense.

What I found, for the most part with people whom weren’t brand loyal, was a clear preference to NB for performance and value.  Those into the status symbol, it seemed definitely preferred Nike.  Don’t misunderstand; plenty of serious walkers were loyal to Nike as they do offer a good product.  It just isn’t nearly the value that you will find with New Balance shoes for walking, running, cross training, or for nursing. 

 While they might not be as popular, bargain New Balance walking shoes are much easier to find.