In the soccer game Championship Manager 01/02 getting great players cheaply can boost club finances. For smaller clubs with more limited budgets, it is more important still. So here are a few great bargain players you can find in the game at a fraction of more highly valued alternatives.


Blomqvist is an under-rated player. A good all-round player, he has good ratings for pace, dribbling, crossing, technique and acceleration. He also has reasonable ratings in many other areas, and is a good left-sided midfielder. Probably worth approx 2-3m, but in Championship Manager 01/02 his contract has expired.


Selakovic can play on the right-side of midfield, in the center of midfield or alternatively further forward. Selakovic has ratings of 17 for determination and stamina, and 16 ratings for set-piece player and creativity. Selakovic also has good passing, crossing, team-work and work-rate. Overall, playing for Halmstad he is valued at just 425,000.


At 21 Blackpool's Richie Wellens is a young midfield player that has great potential. Overall, he has exceptional creativity, technique and set-piece play. Wellens is also an excellent ball passer, is very brave and also has 16 ratings for both team-work and work-rate. As such, Wellens is a very good player who can and will get better too. At just 275k he is a great bargain.


Bermudez is an excellent central defender. He has the highest rating for strength. In addition, his marking, positioning, and fitness are all excellent with 17 ratings and Bermudez is good in the air. Bermudez also has very good tackling and work-rate. Overall, this defender is valued at only 900k, and at 30 can play a good few more seasons.


If you want a striker who will score goals for your team, then Katchouro is one you must consider. The Belarusian is a great striker with superb finishing. He has superb pace, long-shots and jumping. In addition to this, his strength, balance, team-work and flair are also very good. At 275k the player is a great bargain.

These are five great bargains you can find in Championship Manager 01/02 with a combined value of less than 2m. Players such as Blomqvist, Selakovic, Wellens, Bermudez, and Katchouro are all under-rated players that are available at bargain value.