Are you struggling to find bargain robot vacuum cleaners? 

You are not alone.

They are pretty difficult to find.

But not if you know exactly where to look and know what you are looking for (and if you are perhaps willing to make a few minor compromises).

Here I am going to share with you some of the best places online to get hold of a cheap robot vacuum cleaner that still holds the quality and does the job.

Where to Buy Bargain Robot Vacuum Cleaners?

As you may have found there are literally thousands of sites that are offering to sell robotic vacuums but knowing where to get hold of a trusted bargain is a difficult and often time consuming search.

Here however are some of the best places online you are likely to get hold of a quality machine on the cheap, and from a source you can trust.


There are hundreds and hundreds of robot cleaners up for sale within the massive online retail store and there are many bargains to be had there as well. After you have done a bit of research into the type of robot vacuum cleaner model that you think suits your needs.

Search for it in Amazon, and they will usually have a discount on the product at first from its list price, then there is often a used model that is of just as decent quality, but as it is second hand it's hence usually a fair bit cheaper.

For example the iRobot Roomba Pet Series 532 Vacuum Cleaning Robot, the initial list price on Amazon was $349.99 which had been cut by around 10% by Amazon to buy it new, but then there are also used models for just under $169.95, which is about 50% off, not bad.

With Amazon they also often provide a warranty, free delivery etc, and you can generally trust such a large reputable company if any problems were to occur for them to sort out the issue.

The Vacuum Cleaner Factory

A  site that specialises in listing just vacuum cleaners ( from handhelds to robots, and is a great site to visit in the hope of perhaps getting a computer vacuum on the cheap. 

If you don't mind the idea of a refurbished (remanufactured) robot vacuum cleaner this site lists a whole range and can set you up with some real bargains to be had. 

For example I found that a refurbished  iRoomba 530 vacuuming Robot model to be over a 100 dollars cheaper which was listed on the vacuum cleaner factory than that of a new model which was being sold on Amazon even after their discount price.


We all know well that eBay sells pretty much everything (even kitchen sinks), but this is the place where you are most likely to get a real bargain, where all sorts of robot vacuum cleaners get listed ones that have been refurbished, which are used or new and old.

Would you buy an old model? This is perhaps another compromise you might need to think about, but buying an older robot vacuum cleaner model could save you a lot of money, they might obviously have their downsides (e.g. perhaps it is more likely to break in the future or it won't do a quality job). But this is something you may want to weigh it up with a bit of extra research and contact with a particular eBay seller.

A little tip for when it comes to buying an expensive product on eBay that can not only be applied here but anywhere is to head to a site called to search for misspelt words, that results in no one being able to find their product, hence having less viewings and no bids, that is until you come along.

Hopefully this article has been somewhat helpful to you and provided you with a few more ideas as to where to locate bargain robot vacuum cleaners and a couple of other important considerations to make when it comes to making the purchase.