Barn heaters are very important in areas where the winters are harsh and when animals need warmth. Horse stalls as well as poultry animals need barn heaters. It is essential in controlling the inside temperature of the barn and keeping the animals warm during really cold spells.

Barn heaters are costly, so some farmers have to look at it as an investment. There are many manufacturers of barn heaters that offer a great variety of sizes to suit different needs. Be sure to do your research before purchasing them and make sure that is the one that you need. Barn heaters heat up large areas and could run up your electricity cost as well.  Generally, install large barn heaters for a medium-sized barn. If you have a large barn, it might just be better to use many small heaters to avoid any temperature fluctuations. This will keep the animals at a comfortable temperature. Barn heaters come in various kinds such as electric, propane, gas, kerosene or even ceramic. To get the best barn heaters for your property base your needs on cost, the safety features and the area that needs heating. Electric barn heaters are by far the most popular choice though.

Horse barn heaters are especially needed for stables when horses are indoors during cold freezing winters.  It is very expensive to heat an entire stable during winter, although there are ways to keep the temperature comfortable. The most important thing to do is keep all windows and doors shut especially when they are not in use. Make sure to that all windows and doors close properly so as not to allow cold air to get in. Also, check the barn for any openings that allow a draught to come through. Close off or fix any openings to prevent hot air from escaping. Another way to conserve the heat is to have the stable insulated. Be sure to install water vapor barrier as well, as this will prevent damage from condensation and make the barn more energy-efficient. Barn heaters are useful for keeping the stable warm, especially when young foals or sick horses are inside.

The tack room and utility room need barn heaters as well. They will prevent medication and grooming products from freezing. In addition barn heaters will keep you warm when completing your chores in the stable. If the temperature drops to freezing be sure to use barn heaters in the utility room. It will prevent appliances such as washing machines, water heaters, and pressure tanks from freezing. In fact, it will prevent any other water appliance from freezing.

Barn heaters are not only for stables but for other livestock as well. They come in handy for poultry when the chicken coop becomes too cold. Just be sure to cover any openings so the cold winds are kept out.

Farmers suggest buying barn heaters with a gas supply so you will not have to worry when there is a power outage. The major drawback of propane barn heaters is that if the gas does leak and it is harmful for the animals. It then becomes a fire hazard. The best option is to invest in overhead barn heaters. Not only are they easy to install but are safe to use if used according to the enclosed directions.

Barn heaters are essential for animals during the cold winter. You can increase the life of your barn heaters by using it according to the manufacturer’s guidelines and servicing them during the summer.