The Barnes and Noble Nook Color is a hybrid of a tablet and e-reader device. It is a 7 inch Android device with a backlit VividView, 16 million, color touch screen of 1024 by 600 pixels.

Like the famous Apple iPad, the Nook Color has in-plane switching (IPS), which makes the viewing angle greater than normal LCD screens. In addition the screen of the device also has a full lamination screen film to reduce glare.

The color screen is good for viewing newspapers, magazines and full color books. Barnes and Noble has already started the Nook Newstand, where various publications, Photos in publications can be made larger for detailed viewing. In Nook Kids you will hundreds of interactive picture books and thousands of chapter books. In the Nook Books section you have access to more than 2 million book titles.

Furthermore, the Nook Color, with a 0.48-inch thick body and a 15.6 ounce overall weight, has built-in WiFi (802.11b/g/n) to surf the web and check your email. At this point, the device does not have 3G connection. The lack of 3G keeps battery life at a respectable eight hours.

The tablet has a memory card slot for microSD cards, to expand the internal memory of 8GB (enough for around 6,000 books).

The Nook Color runs on Android, but has no access to Google's App Market. Instead, Barnes & Noble invites developers to join the Nook Developer program, a program to allow third party apps on the device.

There are already apps available to listen to internet radio, play games, view Microsoft Office files or transfer PDF-, ePub- and JPG-files.

The new device has full-on tablet-style UI, along with Facebook and Twitter integration, so you can stay connected to your social networks while you read. With a few taps, the Nook Color lets you share passages with your contacts. With the LendMe App you can lend and borrow e-books from friends.

Barnes & Noble offers a wide variety of accessories for the new tablet, like covers, car kits, memory cards, charms and totes.

The Nook Color will be sold in the Barnes & Noble stores, online and in Walmart-, BAM (Books-a-Million)- and Best Buy-stores for $249. The Nook Color ships on November 19th 2010, pre-orders are available before that date.

Barnes & Noble Marketshare

Barnes & Noble holds at this moment around 20 percent of the market for e-reader devices in the United States. The company expects to increase this market share with the introduction of the Nook Color.