Barnett Predator

The history of Barnett crossbows:

Finding Barnett crossbow replacement parts means you've purchased one of the most innovative crossbows in the world. Barnett has been an industry leader for over 50 years. With over 1 million bows sold world wide, it is no doubt that the story of Barnett crossbows is an impressive one, as it all started with the dream of one man in Tarpon Spings, FL to produce tools that would help him achieve better accuracy, and power with his bow. Barnett was the first company to introduce innovative technology such as the first self-cocking crossbow. Overall, Barnett crossbows are known for being lighter, more accurate and more powerful compared to any other competitors in the market.

By far the most popular Barnett crossbow is called The Predator. It is one of the fastest shooting crossbows on the market boasting 375 FPS speeds at a 175lbs draw weight. Beyond it's impressive power and accuracy, the Predator is also extremely lightweight coming in at just under 8 lbs. Considering many crossbows weight over 12lbs, with an average 325 FPS velocity, the true quality and craftsmanship of Barnett crossbows really begins to show.

Barnett crossbow maintenance:

The best way to reduce the need for Barnett crossbow replacement parts is to properly maintain it from the beginning. To extend the life of your strings, by far the most often replaced part, you need to lube and wax them often (excluding the serving section). Lube the serving section every few shots with rail lube, as most experts agree giving a proper lubrication is optimal for extending the life of your strings multiple times over. The rest of your strings and cables should be waxed regularly as well (excluding steel cables) to keep your them operating smooth and optimally.

Additionally, be sure to remove all dust and debris from the firing mechanism (trigger) and use a few drops of gun oil before and after each use (or according to your manufacturers recommended maintenance schedule). Also look for loose screws, or adjustments as they often become loose with the extreme vibrations caused by firing.

Barnett crossbow replacement parts:

There are a number of Barnett crossbow replacement parts available both online and offline. By far the most common part that needs replaced is the string. Replacing your strings at the earliest signs of wear or fraying will help prevent inaccuracies, misfires, and possible injury to yourself. Barnett cables and strings can be found from most outdoor stores such as Cabelas, Bass Pro, and Gander Mountain. Deals can also be found on authority sites like

Although many other parts are available online from third parties, Barnett prides themselves on offering a 5 year warranty on the parts and labor of all of their newest crossbows. That warranty includes, the trigger mechanism, rail assembly, and the stock. It does not include any replacement of the strings or cables which you have to replace yourself. Because of their inherently dangerous operation, if you feel uncomfortable performing any service to your Barnett crossbow, you should find a professional to do it for you.