If you were ever wondering about Barney Stinson duck tie, there is a very good explanation for it. As usual with the legendary bro we all grew to love. No clue what we are talking about here? Let's get into it.

Barney Stinson Duck Tie

First of all, Barney Stinson is one of the five main characters of the popular CBS Show How I Met Your Mother. He is a womanizer, a guy with great catch phrases and somebody who is easily excited and therefore one who has the most crazy ideas every once in a while. One thing important to know as well is Barney wears suits all the time and he is very proud of that. He is always well dressed, always suited up! And of course, with a suit comes the tie.

Back to the crazy ideas. One of those ideas he decided to do was on the night he found out Lily, another main character of the show, got her pregnancy boobs. He decided he wanted to see them. And therefore, he set up a bet with Marshall (the husband of Lily, another one of the five).

He bet he could do the same cool cooking tricks an Asian cook in a wok place could do. If Barney wins, he can touch Lily's boobs and if he loses, he has to wear the horrible duck tie Marshall was wearing that episode for a full year.

And so it went. Barney showed he had some skills, because he had practiced. He knew once the opportunity would came along he needed the skills and so he was doing great, until a certain moment. The conclusion? Barney has to wear the duck tie for a full year.

Barney Stinson Duck TieCredit: http://www.zazzle.com/yellow_rubber_duck_tie-151811463674761902?rf=238198800847752367

Barney Stinson wore the duck tie for a couple of episodes in a row and now you know the reason behind this tragic piece of clothing this legendary bro is wearing. He stopped wearing it for reason I cannot tell you without spoiling anything.

Why this is as awesome as it is? Because Barney did something cool in this episode. He knew beforehand he could do the cool cooking tricks in the wokking place. He actually trained Marshall in wanting to go to that particular restaurant. When Barney sneezes, Marshall wants to go eat there. He did this with a little trick called Neuro Linguistic Programming, a trick a lot of magicians use as well. He build a trigger for Marshall to want to go eat somewhere by sneezing whenever Marshall mentioned that restaurant.

Get Your Own Duck Tie

But hey. We say it is horrible, but when you see Barney Stinson with a duck tie it looks kind of cool, right? How would it look on you? Well you have the opportunity now.

There are always spin off products of this show, take for instance the Bro Code, or Barney Stinson's Playbook. Well, you can get the tie as well! Awesome! The tie is on Zazzle.com, a popular web shop which you are probably familiar with. And it is only 33 dollars!

If you are looking for something close to the duck tie, but more cheap, check out Amazon, there are some cool duck ties as well on there. The pricing is a little lower and it are not the exact ties of course.

3 reasons to wear a duck tie

It is playful. You are wearing a tie, but you are wearing something fun at the same time. Remember the days you gave your dad a tie with Looney Tunes characters on them (I do)? Did he actually wore the tie? Of course he did! Not only to do you a favor, but because this is possible nowadays. There are a lot of offices which don't wear a tie at all anymore, so a playful tie is possible as well.

It will be recognized. As How I Met Your Mother is one of the most popular television shows which is airing right now, people will understand the meaning of the tie. And as every guy knows Barney Stinson, they will recognise it and you will be the cool guy! Barney Stinson is growing out to be an internet hit as well if you have to believe the popular meme sites and this will result in even more knowledgeship about Barney Stinson and the products which accompany him. True story is a phrase he pitched, just as 'legendary' and 'wait for it'. I am sure you already heard those sentences somewhere along the line!

Again, you will be as cool as Barney Stinson. The Duck Tie will make you more confident, because although you may look ridiculous, the chance of even one employee of the company recognizing it will be worth the effort already.

Hopefully you understand why Barney is wearing this horrible tie right now and maybe you grew some interest in wearing Barney Stinsons Duck Tie now as well!