The barrel stove kit is an inexpensive alternative for winter heat that has been used for many years. Although it is an excellent way to heat a large area such as a shop or garage, most people do not choose to use them in their homes because of a lack of aesthetic value and due to the excessive heat output. The heat output in an enclosed area that has good insulation would simply be overwhelming and literally cook you out of your home.

With winter quickly approaching, men everywhere are gearing up for winter work in their garages and shops. Although men are generally passionate about their workshops, they are not as equally thrilled with the idea of working in a cold shop. However, with already high heating bills for their homes and the country's economic state still in an unstable position, the need for them to find affordable alternative heating sources for their favorite wintertime hang out has become a necessity.

Barrel Stove KitThere are many heating methods available but if you have a large shop or garage to heat, the best choices is heating with a wood stove. Although wood burning stoves are an effective source of heat, they can be quite expensive depending on the model. The good news is that there is the homemade wood stove alternative known as a barrel stove kit that is perfect for your shop or garage and well within your budget.

Barrel stove kits offer an affordable and effective heat source for your shop or garage. This type of stove can produce large amounts of heat and if you are handy at all, you will be able to build your own in a matter of hours with a barrel stove kit.

Another consideration and benefit of building a barrel stove is the potential for a world disaster. It is not inconceivable that with the unstable world we live in we could potentially face a long-term loss of power or gas and oil shortages. With a barrel stove kit, you will always have an alternate source of heat and that peace of mind that you could keep your family warm.

Barrel stove kits are quite popular in the northern states and have been available for many years. They continue to grow in popularity due to their low cost and ease of building and installing. Barrel stove kits usually consist of only a few parts including:

A cast iron door – with or without a separate ash removal door.
A door latch that is cool to the touch.
A draft control flue with a damper or flange to control airflow.
Cast iron legs or stand to hold the barrel or barrels.
Adapter or additional barrel stove kit to connect a second barrel for efficiency.
Installation hardware such as screws and fasteners.

You will need to locate the barrel(s) yourself for most barrel stove kits and be sure that they are clean of any chemicals and paint. It will be necessary to purchase the stovepipe and fittings to complete the installation. The recommendation is to include a cast iron grate in the bottom of the barrel for the wood to set on. This allows for better air circulation and it will help to keep the bottom of the barrel from burning through.

Additional safety precautions include installing fireproof materials both below and all around the stove. These stoves burn at a very high temperature and can actually make the barrels glow red underneath the stove. Install the stove on top of concrete, brick or with a special fireproof matte. There should be plenty of clearance between the stove and walls. Clear all flammable materials at least ten feet away from the stove.

There are multiple barrel stove kits available to choose from and most cost between $50 and $100. With only a minimal amount of technical skill necessary to install the stove, this easy and practical solution can effectively heat your shop or garage for a nice, long, toasty winter.