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fun lively atmosphere

full bar and wide variety of drinks

friendly efficient bartenders

fun music

fun casual place for a late night

great Thursday Happy Hour specials


place gets a bit crowded at peak times, not ideal if you are looking for a sit down dinner

Full Review

Social Bar and Lounge NYC is a fun lively place for a good old-fashioned night of drinks and dancing with your friends.

Social Bar, Grill, and Lounge is conveniently located in NYC's Theater District at 795 8th Avenue between 48th and 49th St. Social is steps away from the C and E trains at 50th St/8th Avenue, the 1 train at 50th and Broadway, and the N,Q, and R trains at 49th St./7th Avenue.

Social Bar, Grill, and Lounge seems to be your standard-fare NYC Irish pub. The bar has a nice red sign with the logo "Social" in Celtic style caligraphy.

The crowd is very similar to another Irish pub, McFadden's. Both are casual fun places that remind me of being back in college. Both have full bar and loud dance music. Still, McFadden's seems to attract a young crowd--they tend to get more of the Wall St. frat boy crowd while Social seemed to get the 30s crowd.

Similar to McFadden's, Social plays a variety of popular music to get your dance moves on. The range from classics such as Sweet Caroline to more current hits from Katy Perry and Lady Gaga.

The bar section and tables were full, but not in a way that was oppressive. Although we were not able to get seats, we at least had plenty of place to put drinks down by the window sill and space to dance.

There was a decent variety of drinks from the full bar. I had a Stoli Vanilla and ginger ale, and later some coffee/petrone shots. All were decent quality and not too horribly priced.

There is also a Thirsty Thursday happy hour special from 4-8, but it's mostly for $3-5 beer and well drinks. For those prices, I'd rather visit the nearby Russian Vodka Room where you can get one infused vodka for $3-4.

Still, I was happy with my experience at Social Bar, Grill, and Lounge. The bartender was friendly and efficient. The drinks were good, and the dance music was fun. I would probably not go out of my way to come here for a long sit-down dinner, as Irish pub food service tends to be a bit slow and crowded, but for a night of drinks and dancing with friends, Social is a fun place.

In Closing

NYC's Social Bar, Grill, and Lounge is a fun lively venue for a round of inexpensive drinks and dancing with friends. The place has a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Although it does tend to pick up at peak times, it hasn't been oppressively crowded when I've visited. If you're looking for a casual, conveniently located, fun night with friends, Social Bar, Grill, and Lounge is worth a visit.