pleasant European ambience

helpful waitstaff

fantastic desserts and drinks

convenient Theater District location


a bit pricey for the quality

menu is not vegetarian-friendly

Full Review

I visited NYC's Argentine-Italian restaurant Sosa Borella and was pleased with my experience.

Sosa Borella is convenient located in NYC's Theater District at 832 8th Avenue. It's steps away from the C and E trains at 50th St./8th Avenue, the 1 train at 50th/Broadway, and the N,Q, and R trains at 49th St./7th Avenue.

I came upon this place after visiting a nearby Happy Hour at the Russian Vodka Room. My friends and I were just looking for a change of scenery.

The place has a slightly old-world European, slightly upscale atmoshpere. There is a full bar in the front, a section with low coffee-table height tables and leather sofas, and a section of wooden tables and chairs. There is also an upstairs section of tables and chairs as well as booths.

Sosa Borella seems to get a trendy clientele. I saw a lot of people who seemed to be either in fashion or the arts. The waiter seemed to be an artsy type as well, which makes sense given that this place is located in the Theater District.

The waiter was friendly and helpful. He understood that we were not here for dinner, and he was okay with that. (A lot of restaurants seem to frown upon customers who won't plan on having a full meal). Because I had already eaten, I was more interested in cappuccino and dessert while my friends were interested in soup and appetizers as well as drinks.

While we decided on orders, the waiter gave us a delicious plate of breads with olive oil and basil dip.

The dessert menu was quite tempting. I was torn between a chocolate brownie with hazelnut gelato and a variety of gelato flavors. I ended up ordering a cappuccino and a tiramisu. The tiramisu was fantastic. It came in a fish-shaped bowl and was garnished with fresh mint leaves.

My friends ordered broccoli cheddar soup and plates of tomato, basil, mozzerella for us to share. I've had better Italian dishes, but these appetizers were not bad. The mozzerella was fried which provided an interesting texture.

The drinks were creative and fun. The mojitos were tasty and garnished with fresh mint leaves as well. There was also a wide variety of drinks to choose from at the full bar.

Prices were a bit high for the quality at Sosa Borella, but I suppose that's to be expected in the Theater District.

Overall, I was happy with my experience and had a nice round of desserts and appetizers with my friends. I would come back to try their entrees.

In Closing

If you're looking for a charming restaurant in the NYC Theate District, Sosa Borella fits the bill. Their food was decent, as was the service. The place also had a nice classy atmosphere. I would not say that this was the best place I've visited--NYC does offer a wide variety of high caliber Italian restaurants, but I was satisfied with my experience there.

Sosa Borella is a nice place for a romantic date or for a small group of friends.