Here's a range of standards to remember you need to remember regarding cleanliness and safety measures in a bar whether at home or at work. It is easy to forget that these standards are also laws and although you may believe them to be universally known, they need to be mentioned for your health, your guests and your bar's customers! You can lose a customer simply by not following these guidelines on a single shift.

Keep the Bar Clean and Organized

Customers appreciate a clean, tidy, and organized bar. Before each shift make sure the bar looks tidy and your personal hygiene is taken care of. You should always wash and rinse the bar's equipment like martini shakers and bar spoons each time you use them, and even between serving drinks. Maintain an organized bar throughout your shift for better efficiency and to keep your managers happy.

Take Note on the Importance of Clean Hands

In any food and beverage industry job you should keep your hands clean and dry often. In particular, just after handling citrus fruit. You don't want scaling of your hands to occur and you want to avoid transferring bacteria to other items. Take a look at your your hands, in particular your nails. Are they cut short? For women, try not to paint your nails with bright colors to keep the focus on what you are mixing instead of your fingernails. These are some minor tips to avoid having a customer be repulsed by small hygiene fixes.

Avoid Spills

You also want to avoid filling a glass to the very top. If you have constant spills it will cause wet puddles across the bar and will also have the place smelling much worse by the end of the night. Trust me, it doesn't need more alcohol added to the mix. Be kind to your customers and give them room in the glass to carry the drink to where they are hanging out at the bar.

The Golden Rule

Keep in mind that the golden rule in the food and beverage industry is to "Always be busy." This means that you should never find yourself standing around or daydreaming. It is important to always find some sort of task to do, whether small or large. As a General Manager would tell you, there should always be something to get done. Organize the liquor bottles, polish the wine glasses, pick up all of the empty glasses and small trash lying around. Even if it isn't your particular job duty, help out others and keep busy. This applies to bussers, barbacks, and bartenders alike. You're more likely to keep your job if you're always involved in getting things done. And if you're constantly busy, you're more likely to keep the entire bar clean and safe for patrons.

Be Proactive

Take the time to be assertive in the matter of your bar's cleanliness. The significance can not be emphasized enough. Truthfully, your employer as well as your bar's patrons are going to recognize your time and effort made.