If you are looking for a job where you can get paid daily and have some fun then consider becoming a bartender in Las Vegas. Bartenders in Las Vegas can work some long and hard hours but many bartenders in Las Vegas tend to make a nice wage.

Bartenders in Las Vegas generally make a low base salary, but a good bartender can make a lot of money each day in tips. Whether you want to work at a busy casino such as the MGM Grand, a downtown casino such as the El Cortez, a small biker bar, or even an upscale dance club, then the options you have as a bartender in Las Vegas is unlimited.

Some people may prefer the neighborhood corner bar with a dedicated clientele. Other bartenders may prefer the high pressure and hectic pace of a casino based bartender where you are mixing and pouring drinks for not only the bar patrons but also for multiple cocktail waitresses.

If you want to become a bartender in Las Vegas and have no experience then consider attending on e of the various bartending schools available In Las Vegas. The bartender schools in Las Vegas are generally inexpensive and will give you a lot of practical information and knowledge including actual working experience.

Most bartending schools will also offer help with job placement after you graduate from their bartending school. The classes are flexible and you can usually be done within a month.

A lot of bartenders suggest people do not attend bartending classes as they can gain all the knowledge "Bartenderon the job'. This is wrong advice in Las Vegas. You will learn a lot on the job but in this tight economy with few jobs then you need all the knowledge and experience you can get in order to just get your foot in the door. A few weeks at a quality bartending school may be all you need in order to get a job as a bartender.

There are many bartender schools available in Las Vegas, and these are among the most popular options you have when looking for a bartending school in Las Vegas.

ABC Bartending School
Tony Sylvester and his popular ABC Bartending School has a school in Las Vegas. If you are attending bartending school in Las Vegas but would like future job placement assistance in another state then go down to the ABC Bartending Academy in Las Vegas and talk with them and tour the facility.

ABC Bartending School offers FREE refresher courses for all of the graduates of their bartending school. If you ever want to go back to the school to jog your memory on how to do stuff you can do it easily and for free if you attended the ABC Bartending School.

Tuition at the ABC Bartending School is really inexpensive. Currently they are running an offer for $299.00. You can also pay your bartending school tuition with credit card if you want too.
Ace Bartending School

Ace Bartending has three locations in 3 locations including Las Vegas. Ace Bartending is a popular choice for a bartending school in Las Vegas. Ace Bartending School is also running a $299.00 tuition special.

At Ace Bartending School, as with the other bartending schools, you will learn much more than just how to mix drinks. You will learn all types of bartending skills including

  • Bar Lingo
  • Closing Out Your Shift
  • The Various Types of Glass Ware
  • Customers Service Skills for More Tips

Crescent Schools
Crescent Schools offers a wide range of hospitality and casino dealer training. Crescent Schools also offers a bartender school.

By attending the bartender training at the Crescent Schools you will, according to their website, receive 3 weeks of "on the job" training in their simulated cocktail lounge.

Bar PatronOther Thoughts on Bartending in Las Vegas
You can also go the direct route. If you can get a job as a bartender or "bar back" with no experience then you can learn as you earn.

Bartenders in Las Vegas can either barely "scrape by" or can earn hundreds of dollars a day. If you are a sexy young female with bartender skills and are willing to "shake a little booty" you can earn generous tips in an establishment such as the Coyote Ugly.

Even if you are not young and attractive you can still earn generous tips by utilizing proper customer service skills and being attentive to the bar patrons. Once you learn how to get higher tips you will make more. If you are not getting as much in tips as you would like even though you are utilizing all of the proper customer service skills then you can always go work for another establishment as a bartender.

Some bars the tips are higher then others. If you work at an upscale nightclub or legal brothel you can usually expect to earn more in tips then the bartender who works at a small local bar.

If you dream of working in an establishment such as an upscale night club then you need to map out your career path. Usually you will not get hired at these upscale establishments unless you have a lot of experience and a great work record as a bartender. You will need to start out in a small bar or casino and then eventually work your way into your dream position.

Even if you work at a very small casino or tavern, you can still earn huge tips. If you get to know the regular clientele and treat them friendly you will get tips. Tips are the largest portion of a bartender's salary when working as a bartender in Las Vegas.

As A bartender in Las Vegas you literally are able to give yourself a pay raise. You can do this by volunteering to work nights and week-ends when the bar is the busiest. This will give you the opportunity to receive a lot more in tips.

If you go to work on time each day, don't call in sick, and work hard, you will be able to make a great annual income as a bartender in Las Vegas, Nevada. Image Credits: (Flickr/sexyfitsum)septillon)
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