Adapted from a variety of different British games like cricket and rounders, baseball evolved into arguably the most important American sport. The game consists of a team of players who try to allow as many players as possible to touch a number of bases and ultimately score runs before they can be put out by the opposing team who is fielding and throwing the ball. In cricket, there are wickets, or two sticks that players try to run between. In baseball, there are bases that players must run to and ultimately cross home plate to score. While there were a number of different variations to the baseball rules when it first began and evolved, there are a set number of rules today that rarely change.

Basic Rules

The basic rules of baseball consist of this: nine players will take the field of one team on defense per half inning. Usually there will be three in the outfield, one player at each base (first through third) and a player between second and third in a position known as short stop. While this configuration can change, it is the way the vast majority of defenses play. There is also always a pitcher who throws the baseball and a catcher who catches it and throws it back.

Way the Game is Played

The opposing team will send one player at a time up to the plate and the pitcher will try to throw the ball in the strike zone, which is the area between the shoulders and knees of the batter. The batter will try to hit the ball and advance to the bases, from first through home to score a run before they can be put out. Batters can be put out by hitting a ball in the air that is caught by a defensive player, thrown out at a forced base by a defensive player before they can reach it, be tagged out when they are not on a base, or get three strikes against them when they are at the plate.

Explanations of Uniforms and Equipment

As players must be able to move quickly to catch and field balls, as well as run and slide into bases when they are on the base paths, baseball uniforms like these have changed into tight pants, cleats and loose fitting shirts. Baseball hats help shield a player’s eyes from the sun or from other players seeing their expressions. All players on the defensive part of the field also have different sizes of gloves so they can catch the ball and these must be part of their bodies at all times unless they come off while playing a ball. Batters must wear batting helmets to protect them from pitches and throws from other players while on the field.

Outs and Innings

There are three outs that a defensive team must get per inning and the offensive team must score as many runs in that time. Teams play a total of nine innings, with each team batting and fielding once per inning. If no team is winning after nine innings, teams will continue to play until someone wins.