Baseball banners are a great way to personalize the diamond experience for any team. The affordability and portability of these signs make them a great way to root for the home team as well as raise funds for uniforms or new equipment. Cash strapped Tee Ball, Little League, and Babe Ruth teams all across the country are always looking at ways to fund raise and create a better experience for the kids during the summer. A well-designed vinyl banner can add a custom feel to the diamond and be a great source of revenue, too.

Every kid wants to pretend to be a Major Leaguer and dreams of circling the bases after a game winning home run in the World Series. This may be the impossible dream, but even dirt infield diamonds surrounded by chain link fence can be made more customized and create the illusion of a real "home" ballpark even in a facility shared by dozens of teams. Vinyl baseball banners can cheaply be created proclaiming "City Park – Home of the Black Sox" or "Black Sox Stadium". These temporary banners can be installed around the dugout fence or outfield wall with just zip ties ran through the grommets. They can be set up and taken down in minutes. This little gesture will make any kid swell with pride as the rival team comes to bat. Other banners can be put around the home crowd fan section. A simple slogan such as "Go Black Sox" can be a great way to add the feeling of a home field advantage to any team.

Municipal ballparks are increasingly coming under financial strain due to budget cuts within the parks and recreation departments of many cities. Many parents and coaches are turning to baseball banners that feature advertisements of local businesses as a way to generate money to support the hometown heroes. Large banners can easily display slogans or names of dozens of area businesses or large donors can get their own individual banner with a simple slogan like: CHICO BAIL BONDS Proudly Supports the BAD NEWS BEARS. This is a win-win situation as the store is seen as a charitable community fixture and hundreds or thousands of people may see the banner during the weekend at the ball diamond. Many businesses are highly approachable and like the thought of large-scale advertising. Not everyone can afford to have a stadium named after his or her business, but in small town America a giant banner can be just as effective.

Almost every town has a sign company that can print custom banners on demand. These signs can range in size from ten feet high down to small banners, which are perfect to display almost anywhere. Normally, for a small fee these companies can design and supply clip art or graphics as well. There are many great vinyl baseball banners that can be purchased online both as custom orders or some stock banners that can supplement the custom ones. Even Major League baseball banners can be purchased and used to decorate the dugout or diamond fence. The use of baseball banners and signs to customize a field and raise money is both easy and effective. These colorful sports banners are weatherproof, fade resistant and long lasting. Sturdy corner grommets mean they can be affixed to poles, fences, or the sides of buildings with ease. Before considering another candy drive or raffle, consider banner ads and public sponsorship that will help bring a touch of Big League baseball to the littlest of leagues!