During the off-season, all you baseball fans out there need to try out some fun baseball board games. Instead of checking on trade rumors and wishing you made the playoffs in your fantasy league, you could be whooping your friends at the game you love. Since the sixties companies have been manufacturing successful baseball themed board games.


In the early sixties, the Strat-O-Matic company began producing stat based sports board games. The basic board game set has the players acting as team managers; setting line-ups, pitching rotations, bullpen decisions, and more. Each player uses cards and dice to tell them the outcome of certain events throughout the game. One of the most fun aspects of Strat-O-Matic is that you can purchase players cards for current and past teams. For instance, if your favorite team is the Cardinals and your favorite player is Ozzie Smith, then you could find an older card set (say, the 1980 Cardinals Team Set) that featured all your favorite players. If you're more of an up-to-date gamer, they sell all the current years as well. Strat-O-Matic is considered to be the industry leader in baseball board games.

Sports Illustrated

This particular board game is no longer manufactured but game maker Avalon Hill did a great job with it in the 70s. You can find it for sale online for a reasonable price. I own this baseball board game and I think it's fun. The playing cards and pieces are nostalgic but not antiquated. It's a fun game to play but I have played better. If you're looking for a more vintage baseball board game, I would recommend this. The gameplay is very similar to Strat-O-Matic.

DICE Baseball

DICE baseball is played with two 10-sided dice and player cards. Most of the game can be viewed from the website but the rules and individual player cards must be purchased. Like other popular baseball games, you can get cards for older players and teams as well as all the newer players. The rulebook offers a basic game and an advanced game. This is a feature players appreciate because it offers them the option of playing a quick game or getting serious with an advanced game.

 Inning-A-Minute Baseball

True to its name, this tabletop baseball game is usually played a bit quicker than others are. Players set their lineups secretly and then reveal them to each other before beginning play. To resolve an at-bat, each player secretly chooses from a set of dice based on what they want to do. The player pitching chooses certain dice if they want to induce a ground out, pitch around, etc. and the hitter does the same. The players then roll the dice at the same time and the result is based on the rolls. There seems to be slightly less strategy here but the gameplay is fun and fast.

I am sure there are some games on this list that you would enjoy. Get some friends together and play these fun baseball board games.


Strat-O-Matic Player Cards