There are many things that baseball players purchase that they really don't need.  They will buy many things to help them at baseball practice or during their baseball exercises, and they do help, but they aren't completely necessary.  Baseball cleats however, are one thing that every serious baseball player needs.  Baseball cleats will help you no matter what aspect of the game you are working on.  They help you with traction when you are sprinting through a wet outfield to catch a short fly ball.  They help you gain better traction when you're pushing the envelope and trying to stretch a double into a triple.  And, they help you keep your footing when batting (they are just as important as youth baseball bats).  Baseball cleats are truly one of the most important pieces of gear a player should have (except for t ball players doing T ball drills).  This article will discuss my favorite makes and models of baseball cleats and where you can find them.

Mizuno Men's 9-Spike Franchise Low G5 Baseball Cleat - This cleat is one of the best made by Mizuno.  Mizuno is one of my favorite companies for discount baseball equipment, especially baseball cleats.  These cleats are great because unlike most cleats with six spikes, these have nine spikes for extra traction and grip during baseball practice or during your baseball exercises.  These cleats come in either red or blue.  My only complaint about these cleats is that I wish they would come in black for better matching with all uniforms.  But, I'd rather be extremely comfortable in blue baseball cleats than uncomfortable in black ones.  Another great thing about this type of cleat is its price.  While most cleats are closer to the $70-80 range, this pair of cleats is relatively inexpensive at $40-50 depending on your size.

New Balance MB823 Low Men's Baseball Cleat - I will be the first to admit that this cleat is not the most stylish ever.  But, what it lacks in style it makes up in comfort and effectiveness.  The traction on this pair of cleats is so amazing that even when you are running around on a wet field during baseball practice in the rain, you can easily keep your balance and footing.  Your baseball exercises will be made much easier by this baseball cleat.  The colors for this model of cleat are black, navy blue, and red.  The price range is around $70-75 depending on your size.

Under Armour Leadoff Iii Mid Baseball Cleat Mens - I would say that this pair of cleats is my third favorite on the market after the first two pairs of baseball cleats listed in this article.  This pair is a great lightweight pair of cleats made by Under Armour.  These cleats are made in black, blue, and red and are great for players on a budget.  These cleats are only $20-40 depending on your size which is an absolute bargain as far as baseball cleats go.  Next time you are at baseball practice, ask one of your teammates how much his baseball cleats cost.  He'll probably say close to $70 or $80.  That truly shows that these cleats are really a bargain.  And, you don't lose any quality because of the low price.

I hope you now have a better idea of which pair of baseball cleats is going to be right for you.  You can find discount baseball equipment like these cleats available from Amazon as well as Baseball Warehouse.  Physical sporting goods stores never have a good selection of cleats so I always shop online for my discount baseball equipment.  These cleats are really going to be helpful when using them as you do baseball exercises from your baseball practice plans.