A day spent at the ballpark is a day well spent. Unfortunately, you are always going to run into fans at ballparks that will try to ruin your day. Many people do not realize that there is proper etiquette for attending a baseball game. When you attend a baseball game, you need to adhere to the following etiquette tips. If you need to purchase tickets to a game or products that will make you comfortable during a baseball game, check out places like MLB.com and Walmart.

Limit Your Drinking

Every ballpark in America sells beer. Just because a ballpark sells beer does not mean you have to get drunk. Having a beer or two with your hot dog or peanuts at the ballpark makes for a great day. If you get drunk at a baseball game and you act like a drunk, not only will you be removed from the ballpark, but you could also be charged with public intoxication. If you have ever gone to a baseball game, then you have probably had to deal with an unruly, drunk fan. Don't let yourself become that fan.

Don't Curse

This is a hard etiquette rule to abide by if you are an avid baseball game goer; it is very frustrating to see your team lose or to go to a game when there is a player or two that is slumping. Cursing at a player is not acceptable. If you want to curse at a player, do it while you are at home watching the game on television. Parents bring their children to baseball games to have a relaxing and fun family outing. If you are cursing at a baseball game, security will usually tell you to stop once before you are escorted from the premises.

Sit in Your Own Seat

This is a pretty basic baseball game etiquette rule. You purchased tickets to sit in a specific seat at a baseball game. Make sure that you sit in that seat. When groups of three, four, five or more people go to a baseball game, they generally purchase adjacent seats. It can become a very sticky situation when those people have to ask you to move because you figured you would sit in a better seat. Now, if the ballpark is empty and it is late in the game, feel free to move up. However, don't consider upgrading your seat during the first inning of a baseball game. Doing so is rude and can get you removed from the ballpark.