A baseball hat rack, also known as a baseball hat stand, is a standing device usually designed to hold or store hats, particularly baseball caps. A hat rack is usually situated in the front hall of a home, to cater to any person coming in from the outside, or to anyone leaving the house. It saves time and effort by having a central storage unit for baseball caps, hats, and even coats that people can just pick up and leave off in coming in and out of the house.

 On the one hand, a baseball cap or hat is a well-known American symbol today. Blame it on baseball being one of the (if not the) most celebrated sports in the country, but a baseball cap usually brings to mind dusty afternoons in the afternoon playing catch, and burgers in the backyard later after collapsing on the grass. A baseball hat rack will provide a place on which to hang baseball caps, specifically. Most families will have young adolescent males or children that will have one or more baseball caps, and any mother who has spent a great deal of time picking up after the caps and arranging them on top of the stairwell will attest to that.

 What you need to know

 A baseball hat rack, or hat stands in general, are generally made of wood. Although contemporary design flaunt plastic or metal material, wood is still the most common material used in hat stands. They stand at least 1.5 meters tall, and have a single pole that take up most of the height, and a solid base that prevents the stand from eventually toppling over, as the arrangement of caps can get a little uneven at the top, making the stand imbalanced and might eventually topple over. Usually, arrays of lengthy pegs are designed at the top on which to hang the baseball caps.

 Not all baseball hat racks are the standing-upright kind. Some can be designed differently based on your preference or on what most suits the home architecture. For instance, smaller houses have smaller front halls, and instead of a two-meter stick that might take up a substantial amount of space in the front hall, a hanging baseball hat rack might be considered, and is an effective solution to storing wayward baseball caps and even sweaters in the hallway.

 A baseball hat rack can come in different types of style and designs. It’s even possible to decide what color or shade you prefer it to be, and this is a good thing if a store offers this option, especially if you like choosing furniture that fits a particular theme in your home, or if you simply harbour a certain type of preference in color. Buy one that comes in neon pink. Make yourself happy.

 There are also various designs available for a baseball hat stand. You might want to check out how the guys from Weburbanist.com did their designs, as they played a lot on creativity to make unconventional hat stands that tickle your humor and imagination.

 In addition, a baseball hat rack can be made of different materials, though the most common material is wood. Some can be made of metal or even wires, if you’re a fan of modern architecture, this is going to be your thing.

 What to consider in buying a baseball hat rack

 When you do decide to get yourself a baseball hat rack, remember that appearance and maintenance are important key factors that you must seriously consider before making your purchase. A baseball hat stand should provide organization and easy accessibility of baseball caps—that’s the entire point of placing the caps on a rack in the first place.

 Another thing to think about is the height of the rack. If you have children in your house, you might want to make sure that the stand is low enough that they can reach up and hang their hats on the pegs. One and a half metres is a safe measurement, though to be safe, you might just want to take your kid along with you. Oh, and make him bring a baseball cap along, so he can practice.

 Go ahead and think about the rack’s design. Not many would consider the design important, but if you’re a stickler for details, then browse through a department store’s selection before finally deciding on one. Remember, getting your money’s worth is everything.

 Price of a baseball hat rack

Baseball hat racks are available in local department stores and online stores. On Nextag.com, the average selling price for a baseball hat rack is around $80, while on eBay there’s a cool-looking 12 Tier Sport Cap Tower Hat Rack Display that costs a whopping $130. It’s a lot for a simple baseball hat rack, but if you know what you’re doing and you can afford it, it’s definitely worth all those afternoons spent arranging baseball caps on the shelf at home whenever the kids get home.