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Baseballisms Decoded


There are very few languages in sports that are as interesting as the language of baseball. On any given night “baseballisms” are being used by a brotherhood of players and the fans that come out to watch games. It’s a common dialect that is only truly understood by its players. Here is a snippet of some of the best baseballisms and their meanings. 

The Dish – Simply put home plate.

Touch some green – When a hitter is at bat his fellow teammates will instruct him to “touch some green” meaning that they want him to get a hit that reaches the outfield. 

Trade Places – A statement made by the team on offense where a base runner will yell to the batter at the plate to “trade places” with him. This means that the base runner would score and the hitter would each base as well taking their spot on whatever base the runner was on.

Get Dirty – A teammate or base coach telling a base runner that they need to slide in order to avoid being tagged or called out by a force play.

Do a JOB! – A teammate will instruct their batter to get a job done whether it’s getting on base via a walk, a hit, laying down a bunt or launching a big hit into the outfield. I’ve since adapted this this baseballisms to instruct my dog Riley to take a number two.  

Not Yours – A statement made by a teammate from the offensive side to their batter when a pitch is called a strike by the umpire that was clearly a ball. 

Gotta Come to You Now – A phrase uttered by the offensive team when the count is in favour of the batter and the pitcher must throw a strike to the batter or they will walk them.

See it and meet it - – This statement implies that the batter needs to watch the ball from the time it leaves the pitchers hand all the way to the point at which it strikes their bat.

The Heat Aka The Gas – A really hard and fast pitch, typically a fastball or a riseball.

The Funny One – Refers to a junk or off speed pitch thrown by the pitcher. Sometimes the catcher will yell “Givem him the funny one” to get in the head of the batter that an off-speed pitch is coming and then they throw The Heat aka The Gas. 

Good Cuts – Good swings

Go Rippin’ – Telling the hitter to go out and take some “cuts” swings at the ball.

Givem a Seat – This statement is made by the defensive team to rally their pitcher telling him to strike out the opposing team’s hitter.  This phrase is typically made when the pitcher has 2 strikes on a batter.

HONEYSHOT – Hollered by a defensive player(s) when an umpire calls a particular pitch a ball that is perceived by the defense to clearly be a strike… The defense will yell HONEYSHOT multiple in a row in an effort to show their dissatisfaction with the call by the umpire. 

Can of Corn – A routine fly ball fielded by an outfielder.

Good 2 Strike Hitter – A relaxed hitter who performs well when the batter has two strikes against them. 

Pick Me Up – When an offensive or defensive player makes a mistake such as a poor at bat (struck out looking) or a defensive error on the field the offending player will tell their teammates to Pick Me Up.

I GO – A defenders fancy way of claiming a pop fly usually yelled numerous times in quick succession “I GO, I GO, I GO”.

A Rope – A hard hit ball that fly’s in almost in a straight line with very little arc to it. A rope is very rarely caught for an out unless it is hit directly to the defensive player.  

Lean Into One – Teammates will jokingly tell their hitter to “Lean Into One” essentially asking the batter to attempt to be hit by a pitch in order to reach base. The offense will typically ask their batter to lean into one especially if a pitcher is throwing the wildly. 

Got Your Monies Worth – A phrased used to tell a batter that they had a good at bat even though they didn’t necessarily reach base. Getting your monies worth may mean you worked the count, fouled off a lot of balls or made the pitcher throw a lot of pitchers wearing them down.

Automatic Out – A player that is absolutely treble and has no chance of hitting the ball (ever).

Under the Lights – A game played at night

Lefty – A left handed pitcher 

Blue / Umpy – The umpire

Go Stickin' - Go to the plate and be aggressive. 

Now that you’re equipped with the baseballisms dictionary I encourage you to use some of these baseballisms the next time you’re down at the park under the lights. Tell your favourite player to get to the dish and do a job and know exactly what it means.

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