Strategy, not reflexes is what it's all about

If you're an avid baseball fan and gamer you've probably been disappointed by the baseball games that are lacking in the realism department when it comes to things like the AI of computer general managers and such. If you're willing to sacrifice graphics and want a game that works like a baseball simulator should, then pick up a copy of Baseball Mogul 2012. I've been playing it since last year and have filled plenty of hours with wheeling and dealing for veterans or prospects and going through the ups and downs of an MLB season. Of course there is a competitor in this niche market, Out of the Park Baseball, but this year's game hasn't been released yet so here I'll focus on Baseball Mogul.

A flaw in most baseball games that may seem small to some people, yet is a major one for baseball diehards, is how the CPU interacts with you in trade negotiations. Generally other teams won't take potential into account or what the team's position in the standings is. First you must understand how trades generally happen at the deadline in real life...teams that are contending in late-July will generally give up young prospects with potential for proven veterans from teams that are not contending and want to cut payroll or get something for a player before he becomes a free agent. Baseball Mogul has this concept down perfectly. There is a "trading block" section which allows you to pick a player you'd like to trade away...there is a dropdown menu to choose what type of player you want in return, you can choose veterans, prospects or go by position. You can also negotiate with fellow GMs  I am yet to see another baseball game that has this level of realism.

For most baseball games the better player is the player with better reflexes, rather than the player with the best baseball mind. In games like MLB 2k11  your performance in the game, while certainly influenced by player attributes, is largely a result of how quickly you can pick up a pitch or how well you can twist your thumbs around while pitching. In Baseball Mogul it is 100% about strategy and tactics. It's all up to you, whether you like graphics or tactics. In any case, I highly recommend Baseball Mogul 2012 if you're a baseball fan.