When you are a baseball player at the high school or college level it is extremely important to keep improving and become the best baseball player you can be.  One of the best ways to improve your hitting is to use baseball pitching machines to practice your swing.  What are baseball pitching machines?  They are machines you set up at one end of a batting cage and they automatically pitch baseballs to the batter standing at the other end of a batting cage every few seconds.  This allows a developing player to practice his swing without the need for a coach, teammate, or parent to have to throw him pitches.

So you've decided you want to by one of the many baseball pitching machines available on the market today?  Congratulations!  You are one step closer to becoming the baseball player you have always wanted to be!  While just buying a baseball pitching machine won't make you a great player, if you use it consistently as well as concentrate on your athletic training and conditioning you will definitely see improvement.  Without further delay though, here is the top three baseball pitching machines that I recommend.

Firstpitch Original Baseball Softball Combo Pitching MachineCredit: Amazon.comFirstpitch Original Baseball Softball Combo Pitching Machine - This pitching machine, made by FirstPitch, is one of the cheapest high quality baseball pitching machines on the market.  This machine will throw real baseballs or dimpled batting practice balls and can also be used as a softball pitching machine.  Just be careful if you are planning on using dimpled balls with youth baseball bats, as they could shatter.  Regular baseballs are your best bet.  The speed range for this pitching machine is 20-80mph, which is very good for the price.  It also comes with a five year warranty for buyer protection.  Selling for $745, this is one of the best deals on the internet!


Zooka Pitching MachineCredit: Amazon.comZooka Pitching Machine - If someone is looking for a pitching machine for a middle school aged player at a low price, this is the one I recommend usually.  This is a really simple pitching machine to use and is great for younger players.  It is battery operated so you don't have to run around trying to find a source of electricity at the batting cages or baseball field.  Also, it is very lightweight and portable.  The only drawback to this pitching machine is the speed.  It can only pitch up to 65mph which is too slow for most high school aged players.  However, this is perfect for middle school aged players.  You can get this machine at both Amazon and Baseball Warehouse.


Jugs Curveball Pitching MachineCredit: Amazon.comJugs Curveball Pitching Machine - This is really the top of the line as far as pitching machines go.  This machine is the best of all the baseball pitching machines without a doubt.  It can pitch fastballs, curveballs, and sliders and pitches both left and right handed.  Not many other baseball pitching machines can say that!  This pitching machine is very powerful, so it should only be used by middle school players and older.  Do not use this for T ball drills!  You should also make sure that you use this under the supervision of a baseball coach or sports trainer, as you want to make sure you are getting the best workout.  The only problem with this pitching machine is the price.  It is very expensive running at around $2,100.  However, if you can't afford one for yourself, you should contact your youth baseball program director or baseball coach to see if your league or school has one available for you to use.  That would be just as helpful in working on the workouts in your baseball practice plans.

In conclusion, I know that many of these pitching machines are expensive and could be out of your price range.  Obviously they are not going to be as cheap as baseball cleats.  That is a problem for many baseball players.  However, if you can't afford these, you should check out sites like Craigslist to see if there are any used ones for sale cheap.  Always make sure you check the quality of the used ones for sale so you don't get scammed.

Finally, I just want to say that even if you aren't able to use one of these baseball pitching machines, that it doesn't mean that you won't be a great player.  A great baseball player is not determined by what equipment they use, but by how hard they work and how much they put in to being a better player!