When you are playing baseball at the middle school level or above, the game becomes more challenging, competitive, and serious.  You are no longer in T ball and therefore shouldn't be doing simple little T ball drills.  To be able to keep improving, you have to have great baseball practice plans, and not just plan them, but actually do them as well.  There are many components to baseball practice plans such as drills specific to your position such as baseball pitching drills as well as general athletic training.  However, they all come together to help you become a better all around player.

The first part of your baseball practice plans should be your baseball workout routine.  Your baseball workout routine is extremely important as it focuses on your athletic training.  This means that you are focusing on getting healthy, fit, and in shape to play the game to the best of your ability.  These drills are not position or sport specific and should be done regularly for maximum effectiveness.  If you are overweight, you should focus on activities such as jogging, cycling, and any other aerobic activities.  If you are not very strong you should focus on lifting weights (if you are old enough) or at least doing pushups, crunches, and squats to help you gain muscle in the major regions of your body.  Of course, before starting any serious athletic training programs, you should talk with your doctor and/or your sports trainer.

The next part of your baseball practice plans should be working on your diet.  While this may not seem like it should be a part of your "plan," believe me it plays a big role in how effective and good you are on the baseball field.  All the baseball training programs in the world can't make up for a bad diet.  The first thing you should do to improve your diet is to get rid of all the junk food in it.  Don't eat or drink "empty calories" such as cookies, chips, soda, ice cream, etc.  Of course, it is ok to eat these things once in a while on special occasions, just don't make a habit of it.  To replace the junk food, make sure to add things like fruits and vegetables, especially salads.  This way you won't be hungry and your body will be nourished.  Once again, make sure to talk with your doctor and/or sports trainer before making significant changes in your diet.

The third part of your baseball practice plans should be focusing on your hitting.  In order to do this buying some baseball hitting aids would be very helpful.  If you don't have any baseball hitting aids already, some can be purchased relatively inexpensively on the Baseball Warehouse website.  They have a great selection of baseball hitting aids available.  The one I recommend the most is a baseball pitching machine.  This will let you practice hitting any time you want, even without a partner to pitch to you.  Just remember to buy a baseball pitching machine and not a softball pitching machine.  Also, there are many baseball training programs out on the market that will help you with your hitting technique.  In addition, you should at least have decent youth baseball bats.

The last part of your baseball practice plans is working on your fielding.  This part of your baseball workout routine is focused on your position.  At the middle school and high school age, you should have a primary position and a secondary position to practice.  At the college level and beyond, you should focus on only one position.  For infielders, you want to do as many baseball infield drills as possible.  These baseball infield drills should include taking as many ground balls as possible, turning double plays, and positioning.  If you are a pitcher, you should be working primarily on baseball pitching drills.  You should pick a few baseball pitching drills and work on your technique.  Don't worry so much about your speed as your technique when doing these.

If you want to really become a great baseball player, you should really make sure that your baseball practice plans reflect that desire and are extremely effective.  And even more important than that is you need to remember that having baseball practice plans means nothing unless you go out and actually do what your plans say.  It is all about execution.  Go out, work hard, and have fun being the best player you can be!