Hitting the Long Ball

There are three keys that create power in a swing. They are as follows: Hand separation, torque, and bat speed. They work in succession meaning if you separate your hands correctly it will lead to more torque which leads to more bat speed.

Hand separation starts by loading your hands back to the point where they are either over your back foot or outside your back foot. It is important not to bring your hands down when you load. Bring them straight back, or bring them back and slightly up. Be sure to load smoothly. Nothing will mess up your swing like a jerky, abrupt hand load.

Torque is created when your hands are separated back, as you see in the diagram below, then you launch your swing. If your hands are loaded correctly when your lower body rotates through it should help snatch your hands through the hitting zone creating a "whiplash" effect. This is what is known as Torque in your swing. Your hands are back while the hips start to rotate. There is slight tension between your upper body being back and your lower body rotating forward. When the hands release, the lower body rips or snatches the hands and pulls them through the zone.

Bat Speed is the last and probably most important key to hitting for power. Some people say you either have bat speed or you don't. I believe some people are born with great bat speed, but I also believe you can achieve it by using the things mentioned in this post. If you have separated your hands you have created torque. If you create enough torque you will generate more bat speed.

The last piece of the puzzle is selecting the right pitch.  If you chase a pitch out of the zone or swing at a pitch that you can't drive the three keys won't matter in the least.  Also, you have to know what pitches you like.  Do you like the ball up in the zone so it is easy to elevate or do you drive the ball down in the zone better?  Do you like fastballs out over the plate, fastballs inside, or hanging curveballs?  You should have an idea of what pitch you can hit out of the park when you first step in the box.  Never be surprised by your pitch!  When you get your pitch, don't miss it!

The last and final part to hitting for light tower power is "Swing Hard in case you Hit it"!!!

Batting Stance