Have you ever gone out shopping for baseball equipment only to find that the stores near you are overpriced and don't have the exact thing you are looking for?  It is important to have exactly the training device you are looking for in order to do your baseball practice plans.  I had that experience when shopping for baseball training shoes the other day and my problem was solved by Baseball Warehouse.  Baseball Warehouse is an online shopping site, dedicated to selling the best athletic training equipment out the internet, specifically for baseball players.  This article is going to be a review of the pros and cons to shopping on this site, as well as my recommendation as to whether shopping at this site is better than sites like Amazon.


1) Great Selection - I always used to go to stores such as Models or Dick's Sporting Goods to buy my baseball gear.  The problem with that was that they would never have what I was looking for because of the limitations of only being able to fit so many things in the store.  One time I was looking for full size batting cages, and they didn't have any in stock.  This is because not many people buy batting cages, and so it doesn't make sense for them to waste shelf space on them.  However, at Baseball Warehouse, since it is an online site, they can have everything "in stock" because they have unlimited "shelf space."  Additionally, Baseball Warehouse has just as many (if not more) baseball equipment as Amazon.  One time I was shopping for a particular brand of baseball pitching machine (very different from a softball pitching machine), and Amazon didn't have it.  I just checked Baseball Warehouse, and they do!

2) Customer Service - When you shop at a physical store, if you need help your only choice is to ask one of their employees who aren't always knowledgable about baseball.  For example, when I was buying baseball training shoes, I had to ask an employee a question at Sports Authority and he never played baseball in his life.  At Baseball Warehouse, you are dealing with people familiar with baseball and athletic training products.  If you want information about youth baseball bats, they can give it to you.  You can't say that from Amazon, now can you?


1) Shipping - Of course, when you go to a physical sports store you don't have to pay shipping, but you do have to pay for gas.  On the Baseball Warehouse website, you do have to pay for shipping on orders $99 or under.  As this is ok when I buy things like batting cages or a softball pitching machine, this is somewhat inconvenient when I only want to buy one smaller item such as baseball training shoes.  This is one area where Amazon beats Baseball Warehouse.  Amazon offers free "super saver" shipping on all orders over $25.

2) Prices - When searching for various products such as a baseball pitching machine, batting cages, or baseball training shoes, Baseball Warehouse seemed to on average have higher prices than Amazon, but lower prices than at physical stores.  But, the counterweight to this is that Amazon and physical stores don't always have everything you want to buy, where Baseball Warehouse does.

In conclusion, I do like Baseball Warehouse.  I think it is a great website and I definitely plan on using it in the future.  What I suggest for players looking to purchase new equipment to execute thier baseball practice plans is to check the prices on both Amazon and on the Baseball Warehouse site, and then decide where to buy based on which site has the product you are looking for at the better price.