Basements can serve multiple functions. A basement could be a family room, office or a guest room. You may need to work with a partially finished or unfinished basement when decorating. Decorate your basement so it doesn't feel cold or oppressive. Once you decorate the basement, your family may use the space more often.

Use finished basements ideas as an extra play area for the kids. This will help keep the upstairs of your home more organized, and the kids will have their own space. Paint the room in bright colors to create a fun atmosphere. You can paint over any primary colors and murals easily should you want to update the room later on. Create an art and crafts space where your kids can paint and work on projects. Hang their best paintings on the wall for a personal touch.

Turn your basement into a place for your entire family to gather for useful basement makeovers. Family rooms are less formal than living rooms. Both kids and adults will enjoy media rooms. Put old movie posters on the wall. Paint the walls a dark color for a more intimate feeling. Turn the room into a vintage arcade, poker room or game room. A dart board and pool table can turn your basement into the neighborhood hangout. Put bean bags throughout the space so your kids have places to relax. Add a portable fireplace for a useful architectural feature.

Paint Colors for Basements

Basement offices don't have to be depressing. Use painted furniture or lighter woods so the room doesn't seem gloomy. You can be freer in your decorating as the basement isn't visible from the rest of the house. Create your dream scrap booking room with lots of storage. A Zen office can make a basement seem brighter. Partition your office off with shoji screens that will let in light. Install crown molding and thick casements around the windows to add interest to the basement.

Your basement might have small windows. Give the appearance of more light in the room by creating a faux window. Hang curtains near the ceiling so the windows feel taller. Use a cornice box to hide any space between the top of the window and the ceiling and add a decorative element to the room. Use an entire wall of curtains for more texture in the room. Accent your room with bright, white light bulbs and lamps for mood lighting.

Decorating a basement may come with several challenges. Depending on the weather where you live, you may want to keep a concrete floor in your room to save money on decorating. Stain the concrete for a modern look. Paint the concrete in a checkerboard pattern to brighten up the room. Put down rugs to make the space cozy and warm.