Reviews of the Top Basement Dehumidifier Systems

Are you in need of a quality basement dehumidifier system that is 'more than' capable of fighting off excessive moisture in your home's air supply -- which can in turn lead to mold and midlew growth? If so, you have come to just the right place where we will feature three of the best dehumidifier systems (specifically built for basements), which have been carefully selected on the basis of being widely regarded as top performers for eliminating harmful bacteria and can provide 'precise' humidity control. Let's get right to exploring the best basement dehumidifier system for you.

#1 Frigidaire FAD704DWD Dehumidifier System Review

The Frigidaire FAD704DWD is what many consider to be simply the top basement dehumidifier system around (I am included in that group) -- if you are looking for a quality model that will get the job done, no questions asked, simply put... this is your machine. This best selling basement system works 'effortlessly' and very quietly (especially when compared to other large models) to protect your basement from high levels of moisture which you are able to control via the LCD monitor system the "exact percentage of humidity in your room" you desire (recommended at around the 40% level).

Frigidaire FAD704DWD Energy Star 70-pint Dehumidifier
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(price as of Sep 15, 2015)

It has dimensions of 12.3 x 17.3 and 25.5 inches and measures around 46 lbs, however it is easy to move around given the caster wheels it has fitted. Moreover, it is an 'Energy Star' 70 pint dehumidifier (meaning it can remove that much moisture from your room in a single day, much more efficiently than most other dehumidifier basement systems) at a little more than 1400 square feet. The FAD704DWD  also has the option to have a continuous pump, if you are able to get it located close to a drain (but if not it does have a 16.3 pin removable tank). In all, it is a quality machine at a fairly reasonable price and is rightly one of best rated models out there (4.3 out of 5).

#2 SPT SD-71E Dehumidifier Basement System Review

This is another 70 pint dehumidifier system that is literally loved by its owners -- being reviewed as easily the best basement dehumidifier on the market at 4.6 out of 5. It has been designed solely on the basis of performance in effectively removing moisture from your basement yet in a quiet manner. The SPT SD-71E is the ideal model for those who are looking to protect both themselves 'health wise' (e.g. prevent irritants on your skin) and their basement from getting damage (e.g. rotting woods).

SPT SD-71E Dehumidifier with Energy Star, 70-Pint
Amazon Price: $320.00 $219.99 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 15, 2015)

Like the FAD704DWD above you can set the humidity level, however with the SPT model you have a greater degree of control -- where you can choose between 35 and 85% with five percent increments. You also get the two speed level options with the fan either being on standard normal mode or on turbo. It is also super energy efficient, hence being energy star rated. Again, you have the option for continuous drainage but you have to get the hose separately for about an extra $10 altogether. 

#3 Freidrich D70 Dehumidfier System w. Pump Review

Not considered to be quite 'as good' as the two basement dehumidifier systems above, but still a very decent model is the D70BP. One factor about this model to consider though is that it already comes with the a built in drain pump system for continuous drainage (rather than having to get everything separately like with the above two models), if that's what you are planning on doing. With the pump you have a pretty good degree of flexibility with it given that it can pump vertically or horizontally and a 15 ft range from the closest drainage outlet system.

Again, this basement dehumidifier system will display the room temperature as well as the current humidity level and the one you set it to try and achieve. Moreover, it is a highly efficient energy usage system (these three models are pretty much the best around in this regard), so won't do too much damage to your energy bill. You also get a decent humidity range to select from as well at 30 to 90%. 

3 Factors of Good Basement Dehumidifier Systems

Also, if your basement is particularly large you might want to consider the SaniDry basement dehumidifier, a fair bit more expensive than the models above, but is incredibly effective.

Hopefully you have identified the perfect the model from the range of basement dehumidifier systems featured and if you have any questions, concerns or comments regarding any of the models above then please be sure to make them just below and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.