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One of the primary functions of a basement is to bring get some additional space, efficiency and add value to your home. It is therefore imperative that your basement designs be in such a way that the basement will be as versatile as possible when it is completed. Below is a look at some basement design ideas that will help you make the most out of your basement by turning it into a large, flexible living space. 

6 Basement Design Ideas for Enhancing Your Basement

Create a Place to Relax… You may consider incorporating traditional and classic designs to create an excellent ambiance for relaxation. Some of the transitional features you may consider including in your basement are a walk-behind bar with stone counters, dark wood and an open shelve. Paint the walls with a deep color to add a dramatic. A home theater that comes with a TV wall would also be an excellent addition too. 

Turn the Basement into a Workout Paradise… By using creative interior design ideas, you can turn your basement in to a workout space that everyone will envy. Picture this, a glass walled gym overlooking the TV wall of the home theater with glass panel doors to separate the two spaces. You may also add high end materials on the floor to create a natural and exquisite atmosphere. 

Create an Extension of the Family Room… With the help of interior design ideas from the experts, you can utilize the extensive space in your basement to make it an extended part of your family room. Some of the features to include in your basement design ideas include the dining area, a children’s play area and a game table.

You may also add a home theater, a TV and an inviting fireplace surrounded by natural stones. They may be one or two bedrooms depending on the size of the basement, a water closet and an integrated wine cellar to make it an all rounded family room.

Create a Stylish Retreat… Yes, you can turn your basement into a place where anyone may visit when they want to have a quiet time. Some of the features that would turn the space into a stylish retreat include glass panel doors, an opening shelves and a distinctive hardwood ceiling to give the basement a contemporary feel in addition to adding a classic comfort to the space.

Create a Fun Family Space… If you are looking for the perfect place where you can have unlimited fun with family, the basement may provide the perfect answer. In fact, one of the most underutilized finished basement ideas is using the space for recreation purpose. Construct a built in walk up wet bar, a dining area and leave plenty of space for pool and game tables.

Make the Basement a Place to Watch Movies… This area is naturally dark, a fact that makes it one of the best places to watch movie and listen to music. Fit the space with dim, colored bulbs and mount a large TV set on one of the walls. Bring in comfortable sofa seats, a wine bar and a bedroom if the space allows.

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As for the music, mount speakers of your home theater at different corners of the basement. Be sure to turn on the Surround feature so that you can experience the sound in a much better way. The basement can be used as a place to practice playing the guitar or piano. When used for entertainment purposes, you have to lay close emphasis on the lighting. 

With the right design ideas, enhancing your living space can be a breeze. Since you probably want to have a look at how the basement will look like once the idea has been put into practice, you may consider using design software to help you out. Depending on the type of software, you will be able to figure out how to execute the basement idea in a way that will ensure you make the most of the available space. Remember that what you choose will effect the overall cost of finishing your basement.