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So you want to finish the basement and need basement flooring ideas. I know what it's like I went through the exact same thing when I bought my house. That is, after the entire floor work was done in the rest of the home. Basement flooring takes more forethought due to possible moisture problems, which I knew I had ahead of time. The basement has a sump pump, but water still seeps in here and there. I have a friend that does flooring, so I asked him for a few basement flooring ideas that would work. He gave me his opinion and I also did some research online before I made a final decision. I also wanted to hang drywall before the basement flooring project went underway and all of this takes time and a lot of work.

First of all I found that no matter what type of existing floor is in the basement you still need to prepare it for new flooring, especially if you have moisture issues. A vapor barrier needs to be installed to keep moisture from seeping through or else water will damage new basement flooring. My basement has concrete flooring, so I opted to first apply sealant and paint it while I researched all basement flooring ideas that I could afford. After all, money doesn't grow on trees, so I had to figure out what the cheapest basement flooring option would be best with moisture issues in mind.

Basement Flooring Ideas-Options

As mentioned above, I first painted the basement floor; this was after hanging drywall, just to make it look a little better. The concrete flooring was also cracked in places, so I filled it in smoothed it out and thought what the heck I'll paint it. You see, one of the rooms in the basement was already finished when I bought the home, so I slept down there for a while as the upstairs was being remodeled. Painting or coating the concrete floor in the basement is cheap and good option when you're tight on money. However, I didn't like the feel or look of concrete for a completely finished basement.

The time had come to make a decision on what basement flooring idea to use, but first let's look at what basement flooring ideas would work successfully over a concrete basement floor in a basement with moisture problems. This is after you have installed a vapor barrier, done as much waterproofing as you can afford and also have a good sump pump in place if the basement floods.

The basement floor is colder than any other floor in the house, especially concrete or ceramic tile, so if you want a warm floor in the basement tile isn't the way to go, however, it is waterproof as long as it is installed correctly and caulked properly. A better option is thermaldry floor tiles that come in two basic types, carpeted and vinyl floor tiles. Thermaldry floor tiles are easy to install and will help keep the basement floor warm unlike any other tile or vinyl flooring that you can install. This is because the tiles sit on pegs and are not in direct contact with cold basement flooring like concrete.

Thermaldry flooring is costly, but if you have the money then go for it. If you can install it yourself, which you may be able to do, since it isn't as hard as other tile floor installation you can save money that way. A cheaper way to go is foam interlocking mats that come in all colors, patterns, styles and designs so that the basement flooring isn't boring or dull, but safe, warm and looking stylish. They're also easy to install most anyone can install interlock foam flooring as long as they can get down on the floor. Foam flooring is also referred to as cushion floor tile or cushion floor matting.

Then there is rubber interlocking flooring, which is what I opted to go with. The main reason I chose rubber flooring over foam flooring is that rubber is stronger and doesn't absorb water as easily. Yes, the foam is considered to be waterproof, but I didn't trust it. Common sense tells me that rubber is stronger and more water resistant than foam.

While you may have many basement flooring ideas in mind it's wise to do your homework both online and off before you make a final decision on flooring for a finished basement.

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