Are You Considering Writing for InfoBarrel?

Read this article to help you get started.

If you're considering writing articles for InfoBarrel, this may answer many of the questions you have about getting started.  I've kept a list of the questions I've had myself, and I've also monitored the forums for the most common questions about writing for InfoBarrel.

The truth is, it's really not hard at all.  That's the good news.  

The bad news is this: it takes time and effort.  

I'll explain how to get started, how to set up your advertiser accounts, and what to write about in the article.  Let's get going.

How Much Research Does It Take To Write An Article for InfoBarrel?

Not as much as you think.

If you're old enough to be reading this, you've had enough life experiences to be an expert in at least one thing: yourself.  You are full of answers, ideas, and stories that you can share with the rest of the world, that it would amaze you if you could just see all the potential inside of you.  Your likes, your dislikes, your opinions and interests all matter in writing online to make money on sites like InfoBarrel.  

You may decide to write articles exclusively about one topic, like running, or paying off debt.  That's cool.  Some of the most successful writers on platforms like InfoBarrel are what we call niche writers, meaning they focus sharply on just one topic.  These writers are typically rewarded with high levels of success, for two reasons.  First, they become trusted by their readers because of how many articles they write about focused topics such as Halloween Costumes.  Second, and by mere accident, they become experts in their field, because they are constantly writing and thinking about their field, which adds increasingly greater value to the readers.

Doing Research for Writing OnlineCredit: Flickr user ViewoftheworldIf you decide to write about something with which you're not very familiar, you could do research in several ways.  Read a book on the subject, or pick up a magazine at the library.  Read other articles about the same topic, especially on trusted sites like InfoBarrel and WikiPedia.  Trust that whatever your topic is, there is plenty of information and many niche websites serving the same audience you're trying to reach.  Look at what they're doing and emulate it.  

Don't ever plagiarise, however.  You'll get booted off the site right quick.

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Can I Use My Existing Blog Posts As Work On InfoBarrel?

The short, boring answer.


Once you create content for InfoBarrel, it becomes the property of the website.  

[CORRECTION] You maintain copyright ownership, but InfoBarrel does not allow you to post the same material anywhere else on the web. If they find it elsewhere on the web, your article will be pulled and you may lose publishing privileges on the site.

One way around this 'exclusivity clause', I found out today while chatting with Admin, is that you can maintain a blog somewhere else, and post the first 100 words or so on your blog, so long as you: 1) only share a small portion of the article on InfoBarrel, and 2) put a link to the rest of the article on IB after your short intro.  I'm going to get this set up on my own blog ASAP, and see how traffic is affected.

Other writing sites allow you to hold copyright, and also allow you to post it anywhere you like.

If you are comfortable migrating all your work over to InfoBarrel and deleting your blog entirely (just make sure you tell your readers first!), then move your articles over one at a time, and delete them from your blog just before you hit 'Publish.'  Failing to cut them from other sites will prohibit them from being published.  Just make sure you save your work somewhere before deleting your blog.  It will take some time for Google to find you on your new site, and you'll need to be patient here.  It will work, it just takes time.  InfoBarrel writer x3xsoldierx3x has some experience here; search the forums for his experience migrating from another site.

Should I Write Opinionated Pieces for InfoBarrel?

Keeping things real, I like it.

If you want to write about your perspective on a particular topic, then you should.  And InfoBarrel is a great place to do that, because people look for exactly what you've got: knowledge about a particular topic.  It could be about new ways to make more money writing online, becoming more successful in your business, or doing model rocketsmodel rocketry on amazon at the park with your son.  Whatever you know, the world needs to hear your take on it.  

Model RocketryCredit: Flickr user Whiskeygonebad 

Simple information doesn't cut it.  When's the last time you read an encyclopedia for facts?  Nope, I bet you googled it and preferred reading someone else's blog about the subject first, especially if you're new to the subject.  Marketers do their best, and scientists do too, but guiding others is what you do.  You're an author, a director of your own thoughts, and that makes you qualified.  

How Long Does It Take For My Articles To Be Approved?

It's Actually Pretty Quick

InspectionCredit: Flickr user aimcontrolWhen you first start writing for InfoBarrel, your account is under review for the first fourteen days and ten articles (currently).  But that's not all.  InfoBarrel has incredibly high standards compared to many other online self-publishing sites, and they manually review your content for quality, readability, and more.  To maintain the high standards of the site, they guide you through the first ten articles you want to publish.  

After your first ten articles have been approved, and at least fourteen days have gone by since you opened your account, and you have proved your quality writing skills (don't be afraid), you can become "preapproved," meaning your articles go live on the site the moment you publish them.  That's a great feeling, so get crackin'!  

Read more on becoming preapproved by clicking here.

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Do I Need To Write Entirely New Content?

Yes. And no.

Once you start writing online for income, you become acutely aware of other authors' writing styles and perhaps, their content.  Do a google search for "blogs about cats" and tell me how many you find.  I bet there's more than one.  InfoBarrel wants original content, yes, but at the same time, they don't want only one article on the iPhone 5, because every one of us has a different perspective on the device, and there are varying levels of expertise with it as well.  So go ahead and write what you want.  That's the 'no' part to my answer.

The 'yes' part is that InfoBarrel does not want you to copy and paste (that's plagiarism) from another author's work.  So don't do it.

How Do I Come Up With Ideas?

It's easier than you think.

My ideas are pretty easy to come up with: I write about stuff that interests me.  I use Evernote to keep track of my ideas that surface during times I can't begin writing on them right away (like when I'm at church).  There's also an editorial calendar for the upcoming month that you can write towards. I like this because you can submit an article to be 'Featured' meaning it is on the front page for a week, possibly in the top spot (I had one here recently on oil changes that I just wrote last week!).  This gets you more visibility, comments, and hopefully clicks on your ads, which is where the money comes from.

How Much Can I Earn With InfoBarrel?

The age-old question.

How much does the Eiffel Tower weigh?  I don't know either.Money Jar(114568)Credit: Flickr user Tax Credits

And similarly, nobody can tell you how much you can make writing online for sites like InfoBarrel, because it's up to you.  There are numerous strategies you can follow to increase your chances of success, but really it's a numbers game.  The more articles you have on the site, the more visitors to your articles you'll receive, and the greater the chance someone is going to click on your links.  I have a personal goal of getting 100 articles published before the end of 2012, and I'm right on track.  

Read some of the other forum posts, and follow the advice there.  I'll condense more information into this as time goes on, too, so go ahead and check back on it often.  It'll be worth it, I promise.  

How Do I Get My Money?

I want my money!

If you're writing exclusively for the earning potential, I have news for you: It's going to happen.  Yay!  That's what you wanted to hear, I'm sure.  But it won't happen by itself.  Like anything worth pursuing, it's going to take some to build your online writing portfolio, and it would behoove you (that's a fun word to say!) to make a plan and stick to it.

Lone RunnerCredit: Flickr user roogi

Stephen King writes 10,000 words per day.  Ted Dekker writes 5,000.  I write a bit every day, regardless the content or focus.  The point is to make a plan, and take action every single day towards creating the success that comes with executing on your plan.  Like running a marathon, it's a long journey that begins with a single step.  And then another.  So take the first step today, and get started writing for InfoBarrel.

Thanks for reading, and please leave me a comment if you have additional questions.  I'd really appreciate it!

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