The area in and around Cancun is one of the most unique resort districts in the world because of the sheer volume of attractions located nearby. Whether you want to spend a relaxing vacation laying in the sun, or a more adventurous trek that includes jungle hiking and high-speed zip lines, it can be done in Cancun. In fact, because of the amount of activities available to you and your family it is important to spend plenty of time online and getting an idea of what you want to do before you arrive in Mexico.

More than likely you will be staying in one of the resort accommodations located on what is known as the Cancun Hotel Zone. This twenty-five mile long strip of white sandy beach has become the core of Cancun tourism with literally hundreds of thousands of people visiting each year. When you first venture out of your hotel you may feel more like you are at a Southern California mall than in Mexico. With plenty of shopping options like you would find in the States, you can pick up anything you may have accidently left at home. Or, if your idea of a vacation is spending money on new clothes, plan on taking several days to "relax" your way through all the stores you see.

Because of the regular warm weather found in Cancun, activities in the water are some of the most popular and highly rated by travelers all year. If you want to just swim in the surf there is plenty of room, or if you want to meet a Dolphin or Whale Shark up close, it can be arranged. There are several Cancun vacation packages available that will not only cover the flight and hotels costs, but also some of the more popular tours such as snorkeling or scuba diving.

Another one of the main reasons many people travel to Cancun each year is the nightlife that starts at sundown and goes until early dawn the next morning. Especially for college age kids, there are many bars, dance clubs and restaurants catering to the person who thinks sleep is for when you're at home. In addition to these louder activities, you can also usually find some entertaining plays or musicals showing at one of the many theaters in the Cancun downtown area. One note of caution however; make sure you check with your hotel concierge to obtain local and current security information. Like many towns in Mexico, there are places you don't want to visit because of frequent robberies, violence and even kidnapping.

Finally the last major attraction you should consider is one that takes advantage of the historical setting of Cancun. Located a short two hours away from your hotel is the Chicken Itza Mayan Ruins seen in many movies and TV shows. These ancient temples have been around for literally thousands of years, and are an incredible thing to see in person. For safety it is not recommended for travelers to drive themselves to the jungle ruins, but rather find a tour company that can be recommended by your hotel. Even though the Chicken Itza tour is two hours away, there are plenty of day tours that will have you back to Cancun for dinner.

No matter what you decide to do in your vacation to Mexico, make sure you spend some time looking at options and making some notes before you depart from home. Many travelers have actually returned to Cancun a second and third time simply to enjoy all the amenities available. And while you want to make sure you see and take part in some fun events, taking enough time to truly relax and be refreshed is important for your trip as well.