A dish washer is a marvellous invention that saves you the strenuous work of cleaning up tough stains off your dishes and drying them, especially after an enjoyable (and stressful) party, where you were the host. No wonder most home makers make sure dishwashers are on their must-have lists.

While it is very important for you to have a dishwasher at home, it is equally important for you to make sure it is good value for the money you spend on them. Depending on your kitchen size (or rather crockery and dishes’ size) and requirements, you could go in for a cheaper basic dishwasher for around £150 or opt for a Bosch high end dishwasher that could range anywhere from several hundreds to  thousand pounds, and offer you wonderful functions and energy saving cycles.

Which kind of dishwasher to choose would be entirely your personal call, but we


have the following points you could think of before making an educated guess.

Know Your Requirements

A dishwasher featuring all the bells and whistles would look fabulous in your kitchen no doubt, but do you really need more than 4 cycles of washing a day? Or are you sure an extra-large wardrobe sized washer would fit into your pigeon hole kitchen?

It is certainly a bad idea to splurge on a dishwasher with more functions than you know what to do with. Therefore, before you begin narrowing your dishwasher choices, make sure you understand what you’re looking for.

Most probably, families have the following requirements in mind:

-        Must be able to handle medium stained, medium sized crockery

-        Must be able to function with minimum noise and vibrations

-        Size adjustable trays for you to put in bigger pots and pans

-        Delicate with glass and ceramic crockery

-        Featuring a good and long warranty period covering all possible defects.

If you wish, you could look for these requirements too:

-        Must be able to clean both inside and outside of pans

-        Energy efficient and water efficient

-        Easy to operate with minimum technical knowhow

-        Good to look at (blends with your kitchen décor)

Basic Dishwashers

If you are a small family with minimal dish usage and do not entertain so often, you would do well to buy a basic dishwasher from a good brand. However, make sure your dishwasher is built of good stainless steel material on the inside, does not rust or corrode, has adjustable racks, average cleaning ability, occupies minimal space, and is an average energy saving choice.

High End Dishwashers

If you have a large family with a lot of stained pots and pans, or love to entertain, and simply do not know what to do with the heap of dishes afterward, you could invest in a high end dishwasher. These machines are much more durable and have elegant designs when compared to basic type models. Moreover, they use much less water, have thermal adjustments, come with attractive features like adjustable trays and can accommodate huge dishes with panache. They can clean most tough stains and are detergent efficient too.

Choose Your Brand

There are unknown brand machines on the market at a fraction of the cost of the well-advertised dishwashers you see on TV. Some of these brands are a waste of money, while others are better than the well-known brands.

Even if you take out an extended warranty with a cheap dishwasher it can work out costing £200 less than a branded model.

If you prefer to go with a name that you know and need to cut costs then buy a model without a countdown timer display; you pay a lot of extra money to be told exactly how many minutes you have left before the cycle is finished.

It is important to consider the rising price of electricity and to buy as energy-efficient machine as you can.