Pets need to regularly keep up their appearance just as humans do. The difference is that your pet dog can only do so much grooming by itself. It will require regular assistance in that department from you the owner to ensure it stays looking attractive and free of potential issues. A dog that is not groomed enough can develop all sorts of issues due to bacteria buildup, fleas, infections and other hazards. A regular grooming regimen will keep the dog happy, healthy and free of those problems. In this article we'll examine the basic grooming instructions for your pet dog.

Bathing or washing your dog is very important for keeping its fur coat and skin clean and healthy. You should use healthy and appropriate dog wash shampoos coupled with warm water. Always brush the dog before the bath, just in case of hair tangle issues. Some dog owners prefer to use a bucket of warm water and hand sponge while others use special devices to attach to hoses. Larger dogs may be best washed outdoors while smaller ones will be best inside in a sink or tub. You always want to use warm water, rather than water is too hot or too cold that will shock your dog. Dry them off promptly and allow them to air dry in a clean place if possible.

If you've got a long-haired dog, then you know the thrills of shedding. You often find fur and hair all over the place, constantly having to clean it up. Brushing your dog daily may be in order. Many pet owners get to this less often, and that is ok too. For your pet use a brush, and make sure it's a good size for your particular pet. Some pet dogs may need to be combed after brushing too. There's a great product called the Furminator deshedding tool which claims to eliminate shedding greatly after 4 to 6 weeks time.

The dog's claws or nails can grow to very long lengths. If your dog's nails are allowed to keep growing to enormous lengths it can be a problem. Sometimes long nails can cause permanent painful conditions to develop in their paws. So you'll want to make nail clipping rather regular, even if your dog despises it. There are great products on market, some of which dogs actually enjoy. Only clip off the tip of each nail to prevent injury from happening.

Two other areas you want to pay attention to with grooming your pet dog are its ears and teeth. Believe it or not it's recommended that you brush your dog's teeth daily, just like your own. You can invest it dog toothbrush and toothpaste kits to do this. The ears also require special care to make sure ear wax doesn't build up, and that mites or infections don't occur. To do this you'll use a special ear wax drop pad, or cleaning solution to regularly keep your pet's ears clean.

In all honesty, having a dog is just like having to take care of another person. They require extra special attention and care for grooming. Regularly bathing, combing, brushing, clipping and cleaning will keep your pet healthy, happy and beautiful. With your continued efforts and assistance you can groom your pet dog to look worthy of first place ribbons at the dog show!