Embroidery sewing can be very relaxing


How many of the basic hand embroidery stitches do you know how to do? Anyone can soon learn the simple basic embroidery stitches. 


This can be a very relaxing way of creating beautiful fancy work. Although with the creation of digital embroidery sewing machines that do everything so quickly, many people are using the sewing machines.Not only do they make a beautiful job of it you can download free embroidery patterns for sewing machines that map out the work for you.Just set it up and go clean your home while it works its little heart out.



 Basic embroidery by hand is something you can do while watching TV.That is something you could not do with a machine working in the background.So hand embroidery has some advantages. We are losing that creative and personal touch.So I thought I would try and show people how they can still do those wonderful handmade creations by giving you a few instructions on how to do the basic embroidery stitches.


Blanket Stitch (can be used on edges)

Insert needle on wrong side and bring the thread out on the lower line, insert the needle in position in the upper part of the line.

Then bring needle out on line with thread under needle point. Pull up needle to f


orm a loop, repeat again next to the one you have just done for each step.

 Buttonhole Stitch   -  Do this the same as blanket stitch except stitches need to be close together. Often used for scalloped edges.

Long and short buttonhole Stitch- This is used for decorative edges, this time do the same except you do long and short stitches alternatively.



Lazy daisy stitch- Start by bringing the thread through from back of garment. Take the needle through to the other side from where the cotton comes onto the right hand side.Bring the needle up about 2-3 mms away from thread. Wrap the thread around the needle and pull needle through then poke needle back down where the needle came out.That is your first stitch.If you are creating a flower bring thread back up where you want next one and repeat from beginning.

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Chain Stitch-Bring needle up through the fabric. Pick up a small amount of fabric on needle now keep thread on left pull needle through. Now push needle down over formed loop to finish that chain.Repeat for more stitches.

Stem Stitch-Work from left to right. Keeping the thread below the needle, bring needle up at point 1 and push back down into the fabric at 2 coming out again at 3.This should be halfway along the length of the previous stitch.

Back Stitch- Bring the needle up from back, then take a small stitch behind where thread comes up and bring needle up same distance in front of where original thread comes up.

I hope this will give you a little incentive to curl up in your chair and start doing some of that creative old time hand embroidery to hand down to your family.
I remember my sister sitting for hours sewing this beautiful tablecloth, most of which was in satin stitch.Each red rose took ages for her to complete.But it sure looked beautiful.

Before she passed away she asked me if there was anything I would like of hers?Without hesitation I said the tablecloth that I watched her embroider.I still have it today, and it would be close to fifty eight years old now and still looks pretty good. That is a corner of it in the top picture.
So you see with loving care you too could pass on something beautiful to your loved ones.

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How to create your own doilies

Anyone can create their own doilies, tablecloths or whatever their heat desires these days or you can buy pre- crocheted doilies with the transfer already on the material.  Some will come packed with a colored pattern showing which color goes where and with the required cottons supplied.

If you are feeling a little adventurous you could create your own.  Believe me it is not hard to do.

Things you will need:

  • Carbon Paper
  • Tracing Paper
  • Material of your choice
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Picture to use. (I have found some interesting pictures of butterflies, flowers, animals in fact anything at all in your childrens coloring in books.Or you can even download pictures from the internet.



Steps to get you started

Place the tracing paper over the picture and trace the whole picture. Taking care to keep the paper still.

Now place the material right side up and the carbon paper carbon side down.  Now place the picture in the the corner or centre depending where you want it. and pin them all together.

Trace over the lines of picture you have copied.  If you want it repeated move to another position.

That is it.  Now you can embroider the traced image with stitches of your choice.

When you have finished, you could either crochet an edge around it or buy some lace and stitch it around the edge of the doily. 

That wasn't too hard was it?  And now you will have a unique doily that no one else has one the same.