If you haven't got time to go to a gym but want to get or stay fit, here's a review of the stuff you can use at home to exercise your muscles and get full body workouts. Even if you're on a low budget, you should be able to set yourself up with a very complete mini-gym at home:

-Dumbbells: this is THE basic piece of equipment around which your training sessions will revolve, the one that will allow you to have more intense workout exercises. Adjustable dumbbells (with weight discs and clips/collars to hold them) are the most economic option and give you more flexibility to increase and decrease the weight you want to work with.

-Bench: also a MUST to have something to lean on during the various exercises. Ideally, you want an exercise bench that you can set in different positions, i.e. with reclinable parts to change angles at which your members will move (e.g. lying down, in a seated position or angled at 45 degrees, etc.).

-Exercise Mat: this can come in handy not only for exercises you're going to do on the floor (such as abdominal crunches), but also to have a place on which to put your dumbbells and other items which could damage the floor.

-Rubber bands: a great training aid which not only can be used for many exercises but is also very light and take very little space. If you don't want to buy dumbbells because you find them too cumbersome, rubber bands are an ideal replacement.

-Mirror: it's always a good idea to have a mirror close by when you train, as it allows you to see your body during the exercises and to correct your position or motion if necessary, beside being a good motivational tool. Whether you're looking for weight loss or muscle gains, there's nothing like seeing your body transform in front of your own eyes during your workouts to keep your motivation high.

-Barbell: very helpful but rather cumbersome and "harder" to load and unload. If you have enough space, it's a great piece of equipment to work with, as it'll allow you to work a lot more intensely with heavier weights. But if you live in a small flat with no spare place for a barbell, dumbbells or even rubber bands are great alternatives to stay in shape.

So here you have it. A pair of dumbbells, a set of weight discs, rubber bands, a fitness mat and a mirror is all you need to get total body workouts and stay fit at home.

Now, get off your chair and start taking control of your body!!!