Basic Guide on How to Improve Gameplay in League of Legends

League of Legends (lovingly known as L.O.L. at times), while it may appear to be simple from a casual observer’s point of view, there is quite a bit of depth to be found within the game. Many different elements combine to make this this Massive Online Battle Arena game a fast growing game. For newcomers it can be a bit tough to grasp everything that is going on right away. The below tips are some fundamentals that will put you on the road to becoming a better player.

  1.   Know your enemy   - While it may sound difficult to actually know who you are facing, this is not what I mean. The champions are the point of focus for this tip, take some time out to browse the pages of the different champions when you can. This will help to minimize any surprise that may come from see champion in action for the first time. Such an advance tip will come in handy on both offense and defense as you will be able to react and anticipate enemy ability usage as well as partner with your teammates for devastating combo attacks that can lead you to victory.
  2.   Positioning -This is not to be overlooked, the position in which you place your champion is crucial to being effective. A squishy caster who likes to be hanging around on the frontlines will not last very long and could possibly spend a lot of time watching the res timer go down. Team battles are largely decided based on how champions are positioned and the discipline of the players controlling them. There is no I in team, that applies heavily in League of Legends as unless you have been fed heavily anything beyond a smart 1v1 can quickly end in disaster. DO NOT tunnel vision, keep tabs on the map to know the position of your allies and that of the enemy champions.
  3.   Know thy self – To put yourself in a position to be most effective, it will do you well to know all that your champion is capable of. Community websites for League of Legends such as are great for this. They have lots of item builds and summoner spell choices for  each champion for different situations. It is possible to add your own mix to these suggestions as you get a better feel for playing the games and knowing what you want to do.
  4.  Have fun! – Last but not least, have fun! League of Legends is a  game after all, it will do you no good if you are fuming and raging at your teammates or the enemy team. Don’t take it too seriously, experiment, and play at your own learning pace. With enough practice the skill will come, enjoy the time that you are putting in.


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