Making your business successful is all about making your customers happy although many businessmen nowadays tend to often forget that. After all, the customers are the people thanks to who you get money. But how do you take care of every single customer? That task is not always easy and this is where Customer Relationship Management (or CRM) comes.

CRM is all about handling the customers. If you have a small business with not a lot of customers, you probably don't need any CRM software. But you should know that CRM is not just a piece of software. Writing "Thank You!" or "Happy Birthday!" cards and send them to your customers is also a type of Customer Relationship Management.

But here lies the problem. How do you send a couple of thousand e-mails without wasting precious time? You don't. A simple CRM tool can do that for you. But CRM tools are a lot more than just that. See some of the things CRM can do for you:

  1. Live Chat Support - have you ever seen a "live chat" option on the internet? This is particularly important if you have an online business. The basic rule is that there will always be at least one customer that won't be happy or have some questions. Why waste time with exchanging e-mails instead of exchanging a few lines in a live chat? This feature is definitely faster and more convenient both for you and for your customers.
  2. Help Desk – you have probably already heard of this term. In case you don't know what it means, it is basically a module that will handle customers' complaints. In case you don't have a live chat support or you are using it for other purposes like questions only, you can use the Help Desk. Customers will be able to file complaints easily and each and every one of them will be given a ticket ID which will make things even easier. That way you will be able to track complaints easily and handle them efficiently
  3. Marketing Automation – this is a module that helps different companies with their marketing campaigns. Generally, it uses e-mails to send potential customers offers or anything else that might make them want to choose your company. This way, everything will be automated and you won't have to send each individual present, past or potential customer an e-mail. Imagine how time consuming would that be if you have an average business with a lot of customers and you are about to attract even more.
  4. Sales – Customer Relationship Management can take care of sales too. It can automate that process and keep all the data in case you need it for analysis purposes. This is very useful if you want to see how your sales are going, what the thing that you sell the most is and so on.

    These are just some of the things CRM can help you with. There are different Customer Relationship Management tools on the market and they all have a lot of feature that can make your job tremendously easier.