Pregnant women are advised to do pregnancy exercise. Relaxation techniques through breathing exercises and concentration of attention are very useful to calm the mind and body. This activity can be done during pregnancy to six months in a normal pregnancy with the recommendation of a doctor or midwife.

If the mother did not have time or do not have access to a gym like that, she can also make herself at home pregnancy exercise. Gymnastics should be performed regularly and in a calm atmosphere by using fairly loose clothing. It is better to use aroma therapy and the use of classical music. Aroma therapy can be done simply by inhaling fragrant flowers in the garden.

Basic Movement

Basically, pregnancy exercise pelvic muscle and muscles around the vagina. First time pregnant mothers and mothers who had experienced difficulty in labor or premature childbirth are encouraged to do pregnancy exercise. Before doing this exercise, mothers should consult with pregnancy exercise instructor.

Gestational age of pregnancy exercise is recommended for at least 8 months. Before and after exercise performed, usually a nurse or midwife will measure the baby's blood pressure and pulse.

Here Basic Movements :

Perform 5 times

- Stretch arms straight, palms facing each other. Hold at least 20 seconds.
- Lower the hands to the side of the body, upper back straight.
- Stretch your arms back as far as possible.


- Lie on your back with knees bent
- Breathe through your nose and tighten the abdominal muscles and buttocks.
- Flatten your back to the floor and lift your pelvis upward.
- Hold for 5 breaths are done slowly.
- Relax and repeat.
Caution: Do not back arched and inflating the abdomen or push with the legs to the pelvis raised.

- Lie on your back with knees bent.
- Take a breath through your nose
- Remove some through the mouth when you lift the head. Put your hand behind your head or extended to the knee.
- Flex your head until your chin on your chest and lift your shoulders off the floor about 45 degrees.

Diagonal SIT-UP
- Lie on your back with knees bent.
- The right hand holds or extended toward the left knee.
- Take a breath through your nose.
- Raise the head and right shoulder.
- Exhale slowly through your mouth.
- Fixed the left knee slightly bent to touch the floor beds.

Kissing the floor
- Improve the position of the baby for the baby's head down to the pelvis.
- Special method, it is usually appropriate for gestational age of 6 months.
- Mother squat, and bow down to kiss the ground slowly.
- Hold for 10 seconds as he kissed the ground.
- Flex and relax your back.
- Repeat as often as possible.

Squat ROAD
- This position is reminiscent of the position of mopping the floor with his hands.
- Mother squat, then go a few steps (6-7 steps).
- She stood up, then the road 3-4 steps.
- Repeat 4-5 times.
- If you gasping for breath, stop immediately.

- Imagine the beautiful things.
- Close your eyes. Usually the mother will sleep 20-30 minutes

BENEFITS pregnancy exercise
- Exercising flexibility of the muscles of the abdominal wall and pelvic floor to facilitate delivery.
- Assist the mother in the process of delivery, such as straining and breath.
- Helps restore muscles after childbirth and make the body relax.