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Do people tell you that you look like a model? Maybe you know someone that looks like a model.  Being a model requires more than just being a pretty face. Many young women  have the dream of becoming a model. You have to understand that there are certain basic requirements you must meet. The same standards do not apply to all models. These will be the general standards that usually apply to fashion models.


The height requirement for a fashion model is usually at least 5 feet 8 inches. When designers make garments to be shown on the runway, in photo shoots or advertisement. They make a sample size to fit one body type. This size is usually a size four up to six. This is why the model's height is so important. And the maximum height is generally six feet Height would not matter in certain types of modeling. For example, hand modeling, or commercial models.


There seems to be a common myth that you must meet a certain weight standard. There is no ideal weight that you must meet. We all have different body types and carry weight differently. Instead of a weight standard, you will be judged on your measurements as a fashion model.  The modeling agency will usually have the  standard that your hips be under 35 inches and the waist size needs to be minus 10 inches of your hip size. If you want to be certain, call the agency and get standards from a modeling scout.   


The body type the modeling industry  prefers for fashion modeling is to be tall with long legs. Having a long torso and short or medium legs are not as favored. Swimsuit models aren’t held to this strict standard. It is acceptable for a swimsuit model to be fuller in the bust and hip area or be a bit more curvy. Generally fashion models should be no smaller than a woman’s size two and no larger than a woman’s size six. Parts and commercial models don’t need to meet a specific size for clothing size.


Beginning Fashion Models range in age from 12 years old up to 22 years old. After 22 years it's a little more difficult to get a career started in the major markets like New York or Paris. In New York, The top models are usually already active in the modeling industry by 18 years old to 22. Cities like Miami, Chicago, and Los Angeles  are considered secondary markets. If you are a little over the age requirements, your best is to break into the secondary market.


Healthy clear beautiful skin is a must for models because bad skin does not photograph well. If you have acne skin or blemishes. Dark circles or rings under your eyes, it could be difficult to launch a modeling career. If you do not have clear skin, all is not lost. This is something that you can work on.


A beautiful smile and healthy teeth are key elements for success. Teeth should be straight and white. Even if your teeth are not straight and white, you can consult with your dentist to get a plan to improve your smile.


Hair that is healthy, neat, clean and styled to suit your facial features. The hair styling is very important. You should have a hairstyle that accents your best features.


Short clean, manicured nails are important. Very long nails could be very distracting or unflattering. Remember, you are presenting someones product and the purpose is to put focus on the product and not distract from it.


Mental and emotional stamina is required to be a fashion model. Even the world’s Top Models face daily rejection. In order to continue without the rejection being a blow to your ego or self-esteem. You muct be mentally and emotionally fit.

These requirements are the basic requirements to be a fashion model. They are  not set in stone and are basic industry standards. If you decide to pursue a career in modeling you should be aware of what type of modeling jobs would be best for you, and what is required. 


If you have dreams of being a model, the road will be challenging. You should  have an understanding of the basic requirements to be a fashion model, or whichever type of modeling that you choose to pursue.You should have a strong foundation, sense of values and self-esteem.You are now aware of the three basic levels of modeling. You know the basic requirements to be a fashion model. Just make sure you arm yourself with enough information and you will be a success whether you pursue a career as a model or any career choice.




fashion modelCredit: mourge files

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