The end of the World is coming and you need to know if your kids will be able to not only survive but to thrive in this scenario. This is a bit dramatized but you do need to teach your children some basic survival skills. You never know when your children will be forced to fend for themselves in a survival situation so you need them to be prepared.

When the major earthquake and Tsunami struck Japan in 2011 many Children were left parentless and on their own to survive and fight for any food and freshwater that could be found. Instead of being a scavenger in a major natural catastrophe such as this you can instead teach your children how to thrive and prosper in situations such as these. Survival situations creep up on families every year in the most unexpected ways and the following basic survival skills can help your children out tremendously.



Gun ownership and usage is often a very politically charged debate; however it is vital that you own weapons and teach your children how to properly use them. In case of a major natural catastrophe your kids can use them to hunt for any food. Food is necessary to survive and after a major natural catastrophe it is often much faster to get the necessary protein into your body by hunting wild game as opposed to waiting days and weeks for humanitarian aid organizations to bring food into your area. You may eventually get some food from the humanitarian workers but there is also a great chance you will not be among the lucky few to get fed immediately. In order to survive, avoid the “scavengers” who are awaiting food aid and instead head to the hills and shoot some wild game.

Guns also provide a lot of protection. If a major catastrophe such as a natural disaster breaks out like the 2005 Hurricane Katrina then guns can often provide needed protection. What would happen if your 13 year old girl was left alone in an environment with a lot of men and there was no police protection around? There is a good chance she could get gang-raped so it is vital that you provide you children with weapons for protection in case of an emergency.

What if you Country is invaded by another Country and your children must fight to stay alive? In this Red Dawn style overlook at survival it may seem like it will not happen, especially if you live in the heart of the United States; however unlikely these scenarios are it is more justification to prepare for them so if it does happen your kids will have the upper-hand and not be forced to get raped, murdered, or be scavenger for food like an animal.

Food Storage

It is vital that you build up a food storage area. If you can store 6 months to a year’s worth of food then you will be in a much better position. If a natural disaster strikes or war breaks out you will be able to stay in hiding and still get the food you need.

Most food storage can consist of canned foods, dehydrated foods, and bottled water. If you have 6 month or longer set-up of food storage then you will be able to overcome a major crisis much better than your neighbors.

Having an extended food storage supply will also greatly help your family in case of loss of employment. If you lose your job and and are struggling to find a new one then money will be very tight if not non-existent, so it is very comforting to know that you can still feed your family no matter what because you took the time to have a food storage supply built-up in your household.

Another thing that should be added to your food storage is a 20 gallon bucket of salt so that you can make jerky.

Jerky Preparation

Oftentimes in a natural disaster you can supplement your food storage by hunting wild game. Electricity may be cut to your area so in order to preserve the wild meat you shoot for future use the meat will have to be prepared into Jerky. It will often be heavily salted to help cure and preserve the meat for future use and this is why it is highly recommended you have a huge bucket of salt in your food storage area.

Making Jerky the old fashioned-way without the use of modern smokers is something your family should do on a regular basis. Bu making jerky 2-3 times each year you can proved ample beef jerky food for your food storage area and then when you rotate t out the next time you make jerky your family can then enjoy eating the jerky from the first batch. It is vital that you kids learn how to make jerky without the use of modern dehydrators or smokes so if the time ever comes your children can prepare any meat they hunt into jerk to help nourish them for extended periods and to survive.

Adapt and Overcome


The United States Marine Corps often uses the term “Adapt and Overcome”. This term is also something you should teach your children. In case of a major disaster nothing will ever go as planned. You may find your odds of survival seemingly insurmountable but if your children have been taught to adapt and overcome any situation then they will immediate begin looking at what they can do to survive. Mentally a person in a survivalist situation needs to stay focused and not “feel sorry” for themselves. By focusing on the task at hand it can help your children to not only survive, but to thrive in any natural disaster that may occur.

We often look at survivalists as being extreme people who shoot machine guns and are white separatists in places like Northern Idaho, but this is far from the truth because all people should be prepared for unexpected events by studying and learning survival skills.