Tarot card deck

How many cards in a Tarot Pack?

A deck of Tarot cards has many similar features to a deck or regular playing cards but does contain more cards. For instance both sets of cards have four suits and each suit has cards ranging from Ace (one) to ten. In Tarot terminology these 40 cards are called the Minor Arcana rather than the Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts and Spades that we are more used to. The Tarot suits are called Cups, Swords, Wands and Pentacles (other names can also be found as Pentacles have another name and are often referred to a ‘Coins’).

The Tarot court cards

The Original Rider Waite Tarot Pack of cardsAn extra court card is included in each suit of the tarot deck, so in addition to the King, Queen and Jack there is also the Page. So far, we have accounted for 56 cards of the Tarot deck but there are another 22 cards giving a total of 78 cards. The 22 cards are called the Major Arcana and each card is unique and has its own name and number within the 22. The Fool, The Hermit and The Wheel of Fortune are examples of just some of them.

The Original Rider Waite Tarot Pack

A Tarot deck is quite beautifully colored and can be kept as a collector’s item, even if they are never used for their intended purpose. Pictured is the classic Tarot deck from Rider Waite which is available from Amazon and has an accompanying book.

Understanding Tarot card meanings

The Hermit as an example

If the Hermit tarot card is turned up it basically means enquiry and like all readings the tarot meaning will only become apparent when it is combined with the other cards in the Tarot spread. The placement, too, within the spread will give clearer meaning. This is one of the Major Arcana cards can represent an authority figure, perhaps an older person, wise in the ways of the world, but not necessarily a male figure either, as would seem likely by the term Hermit. This popular tarot card can also mean a mover and shaker in society, despite the fact that the hermit is usually alone or acts alone. It is possible to be alone in a room full of people and the hermit card may indicate loneliness, even within a crowd. The Hermit will seek from within him or herself the answers to many problems that are not of their own making but to do this they must be alone and meditative.

Understanding Tarot suits

The suits have a compass or directional aspect to them. Tarot cards have directions associated with them which may or may not have a bearing on a reading.

  • For instance the ‘Wands’ (card suit) are associated with the compass point South
  • The ‘Cups’ is another card suit and is associated with the compass point West
  • The ‘Swords’ is another card suit which is associated with the compass point North
  • Finally ‘Pentacles’ is the card suit associated with the compass point East

Tarot by phone 

In today’s economic uncertainty it is not surprising that more people are turning to tarot readings, astral sciences and other psychic sources for guidance. It is possible to experience tarot readings from respected psychics and clairvoyants by telephone, but is best if you avail of 1-2-1 readings. Telephone tarot will give a good initiation as to how the whole process of a tarot reading is conducted but it will cost a lot more than a face to face reading due to higher phone costs on premium numbers. If you do decide to avail of a Tarot reading, then do go to a psychic who has been recommended by someone you know.

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