A fireplace is a room or a home's focal point. It remains to be the center of attraction where guests gather around and wonder on its beauty and amber. And what a better way to impress your guest but to change from the traditional fireplace to any of the two most popular choices in heating appliances; wood burning stoves and wood pellet stoves.

Wood Burning Stove

Wood Burning StoveIf you are transitioning from another kind of fireplace to wood burning stoves here are some basic things you may want to know about wood burning stoves. Wood burning stoves are efficient because it uses the most accessible fuel to heat up your homes. The goal in maintaining wood burning stoves is to keep the smoke clean and this is done by making sure that the wood you are burning is seasoned for one full year. Keep the water or moisture to a minimum by measuring it with a gauge; 20% should be ideal for your wood burning stoves to function effectively. Make sure that you have consulted a professional so you can choose the best brand and size of wood burning stoves appropriate for the size of your homes. Keep the temperature of the wood burning stoves to a range of 300 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Ideally the chimney should be cleaned three times a year. When cleaning your stoves, wait for it to completely cool down before you start cleaning. The ashes of the wood burning stoves should be cleaned everyday or when there's too much ash has accumulated and don't throw the ashes on your garbage because there might be some amber that could cause fire.

Wood Pellet Stove

Another efficient alternative for heating your homes are wood pellet stoves. These wood pellet Wood Pellet Stove (27937)stoves are also available in insets that are readily placed to your old fireplace. Wood pellet stoves are powered by pellets made out of wood chips or some other materials like corn. The best advantage you can get on wood pellet stoves is that it can give you a return of investment of up to $1,500 or 30% of the stove's unit price and installation fee. Wood pellet stoves ignites faster that wood burning appliances and certainly cheaper than gas or propane fueled hearth mechanisms. Wood pellet stoves have an auger that feeds the pellets on the firebox and the efficient heat produced can be lowered down or fired up to your preference. A 40 pound bag of pellet usually costs around $5 and can power up your wood pellet stoves for a day or two. Most of the wood pellet stoves in the market today have built in blowers which can direct the heat to a certain direction making it more efficient to use. Since there isn't much smoke it produces, up to 90% of particulate emissions are avoided, thus less creosote is produced.

With the most advanced innovation and designs, either wood burning stoves or wood pellet stoves make your investments worth it. Be sure to know the basic things you need before choosing one for yourself.