1. Quality Before Quantity.

Very often, when newbies start going to the gym, they think that the more exercises they do, the bigger they'll get. Well, they couldn't be more mistaken. What's important isn't how many exercises you do but how well you do them. What's more, it can even be counterproductive to do too much, as it often leads to overtraining, which in turn results in fatigue, strength plateau and muscle loss.

2. Different Muscle Groups on Different Days.

Training the same muscle group every day will NOT give you the best results for the muscle group in question. As a matter of fact, it'll lead you nowhere but to failure and exhaustion due to overtraining. Give your muscle groups the time to recover and grow from one training session to the next one for this particular group, and work on other muscle groups on the following days in the meantime.

3. Resting is Very Important.

Every newbie who thinks that the best thing to do to increase muscle mass is to go to the gym seven days a week should think again. Sufficient rest and sleep (around 8 hours/night) not only help to recover from your training sessions, but are compulsory for muscle gains as these occur during recovery, not training.

4. Eating is The Most Important Part of Your Training.

You can be training very intensely with perfect form and give your muscles enough time to recover in between sessions, but if you don't eat properly, you won't see the muscle gains you'd dreamed of. If you don't eat enough, your body won't receive all the nutrients it needs for an optimal muscle growth. And if you stuff yourself with junk food, you'll certainly get bigger but also fatter and less shredded. Without a proper diet, you won't get the results you expect, no matter how hard you train.

5. Patience and Consistency: Big Changes Take Time.

That's the way it is. Nothing comes nice and easy, especially when your goal is to go from a skinny, thin frame to a broad, lean, muscular one. Consistency is the key to success but patience should not be overlooked either. It'll take time, sweat and pain to get there but the reward will be worth it.

Now, get off your chair and start taking control of your body!!!