Tip #1....When storing left over paint, mark a line on the outside of the can to let you know how much paint is left.

Tip # 2....When you reseal a can of paint, any paint that has collected in the lip of the can will prevent it from having an air tight seal. Wipe the rim clean before you close the can. To improve the seal, you can stretch a piece of plastic wrap over the rim. Then reattach the lid.

Tip #3....Air space in a can of leftover paint will dry up some of the paint, to help stop this, cut a circle out of heavy wax paper the same diameter as the inside of the paint can. Float this circle on top of the paint surface. The wax paper acts as a barrier, reducing the interaction of the oxygen and the paint.

Tip # 4....Even if a can of leftover paint is sealed tight, a skin might form on the surface of the paint after a while. Removing this skin can be a messy job. To avoid the skin, store the can of paint upside down. Then when you open the can the skin will be on the bottom. Leaving you with the fresh paint on top.

Tip #5....If you are using oil based paint, to prevent a skin on the paint, spread a thin layer of mineral spirits over the surface before sealing the can. To do this, put the mineral spirits in a small spray bottle. Use just a little, 1 teaspoon should so it. To keep the film of mineral spirits intact as you seal and store the paint can, take care not to shake the can.

Tip #6....When storing leftover latex paint in it's original can, sometimes you get rust and paint flakes in the paint. To avoid this pour the paint into a plastic bottle or a glass jar with a screw on lid. Don't get any paint on the threads of the jar or you won't be able to reopen it. If you do get some on the threads, rub some petroleum jelly on the threads.